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"...only certain kinds of people thrived in the unpredictable world where clients might ask an almost infinite set of questions."

Diversity and T shaped people

Excerpted, Paraphrased:

Working on innovation requires experience of team members and of their leadership mainly when where the combination of various disciplines is an unquestionable necessity such in the area of health.



  • People with different backgrounds and experiences who are also experts in a specific area?
  • To collaborate ...gather forces in two dimensions:

Plot out:

  • The vertical axis, each team member is able to answer questions specific of a discipline or area of work.
  • The horizontal axis ~ the ability to generate empathy and move through a common language. 

This is translated into opening, in curiosity, optimism, a tendency to learn by doing, and for experimentation => Those are “T” shaped people. 

Those are able to show a desired future, and build a path for its accomplishment.


...Management consultants long ago realized that only certain kinds of people thrived in the unpredictable world where clients might ask an almost infinite set of questions.


McKinsey and Company came up with the idea of hiring what they termed ‘T-shaped’ people.

People with deep analytical skills (the vertical stroke of the T) but also broad empathy toward those other skills and disciplines encountered in business (the horizontal stroke of the T).

These highly adaptable, rapid learners turned out to be ideal management consultants.”