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"How to use the right tools for the job - determining when comprehensive Change Management is essential - along with Project Management."

Gail has a track record of robust, detailed posts on the many facets of change management, including the project management combo - more than, "do you want fries with that?"

Here are some highlights on the pairings of CM and PM in her blog post from awhile back exploring conflicts between the two disciplines.




When employee discretion can impact ROI [so you] need employee commitment, then projects benefit from Change Management.


Determining “how much CM and what forms should it take” is not a scoping exercise for a PM.  This requires an experienced CM practitioner with an array of assessment tools (that analytical minds can relate to) and a truckload of integrity and communication skills (and an enlightened leader with long term commitment to the organization). 

When employee discretion can impact ROI, i.e. you cannot drive 100% of the benefits through compliance but need employee commitment, then projects benefit from CM. 


  • PMs serious about considering CM in a transformational change will provide for a professional CM Risk Assessment in the planning phase [to] provide data to inform discussions and decision making.
  • [Get] ROI anchored and...defined scope of the project. 
  • Without adequate People Change Management, [and] ... Program Management, transformational projects are not actually “finished”.  
  • PM and CM partnering and a tangible commitment to [stay] with the roll out long enough...ensures benefits realization.

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Change Management may also include large group events that can make or break a successful realization of a change project.  

Offering traditional meetings, including virtual, as well as alternative formats, like agenda-less meetings such as "Open Space" can refresh and bring new energy to a tired implementation process.

Here are several samples from Deb on alternative meeting formats for successful implementations: