Rutgers, Universities, Bias: 3 Things That Cause Ethical Breakdowns and How Timing Counts | Change Management Resources |

"Tensions among senior staff in universities seem to be making the news on a regular basis. Examples include leader strife at Rutgers (blame), Penn State (cascade failure to deal with a crime) and University of Virginia (abrupt leadership goings and comings.)"

At the time of this post, we have the breaking story of not only the firing of a Rutgers basketball coach because of abusive behavior  of his players, as shared widely on video, but also high level conflict of senior university administrators over who is responsible.

The interviews and documents reveal a culture in which the university was far more concerned with protecting itself from legal action than with protecting its students from an abusive coach.

Source:  The New York Times


…we are biased in every single situation. There’s no such thing as objectivity. ~ Erin White 


Leaders are the ones who set the tone.  They can also easily miss things in the complexity of the organizational system.  Enron, Johnson and Johnson, and the classroom cheating examples (listed in the post) are three of the sample stories that provide a good range of how challenging it is to consistently walk to talk of ethics in leadership.

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