Collaborate to Thrive:  Dr. Dre & Luke Wood, Crowdsourced Lessons in FastCompany 2013 | Change Leadership Watch |

"Fast Company is crowdsourcing learning lessons to jump into 2013.  Dr. Dre and Luke Wood speak up about casting the right community of people quickly - [their] biggest challenge and opportunity."

Their question to leaders?   What did you learn in 2012 that you will carry forth with you into 2013?"

From ONE of their leader, crowd-sourced contributions:  


1) "You have to build the village first.  From my first 20 years the music could rely on a diverse portfolio of artists to create the phrenetic and improvisational energy that challenged convention and compelled the company forward.

In the consumer electronics, you have to generate that energy from the people who work at the company every day.

It requires daily focus and attention.  [We] grew from 30 to 170 this year, casting the right community of people quickly became our biggest challenge and opportunity."

2) As Beats continues to grow, we are going to search high and low to find talent that is individually smart and ambitious but collectively awe inspiring. 

Dr. Dre, President And COO, Luke Wood on "It Takes A Village."  More here.

Photo by Aqeel Hassim CC Flickr.

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