How Rejection Can Inspire Great Movements: The Story Of MAKERS | Change Leadership Watch |

"You can’t tell the story of the women’s movement through one person," Gloria Steinhem.

Veteran documentary producer Dyllan McGee has worked on more than a dozen films for PBS and HBO, but MAKERS is unlike anything she’s ever created.

First of its kind...the entire idea was born out rejection.

What came out of that first roadblock flipped the script ...

MAKERS evolved into a “digital first” online platform for archiving dozens of interviews with feminist trailblazers, an approach that the Washington Post called a “sweeping documentary covering 50 years of feminism, pro and con, from the days when highly educated women were expected to live happily ever after as wives and mothers.”

Interview subjects include well-known women leaders like Condoleezza RiceSheryl Sandberg, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg alongside lesser-known women with powerful stories like Brenda Berkman, the first NYC firefighter, and Kathrine Switzer, the first woman to run the Boston marathon.

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