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Rather than reshape itself periodically with stand-alone change programs, a company and its culture must be now “change capable,” all the time.

A paradox of organizational change is that all the initiatives companies undertake to support major transformations—learning programs, structural changes, communications plans and the like—can actually prevent effective change as much as enable it.

The enemy is time. It may take months to bring a team on board to design and execute a change program, then several more months to make the transition to a new way of working. By that time, who can be sure the initiative is even relevant to the real business issues of the day?

...Chris Degg, the company’s HR, communications and training director, notes: “We realized that we could no longer rely on occasional, ad hoc programs to help us cope with organizational change. It had to be something we were good at across the entire company and at every level, all the time.