Will it be the new "Craig's List" of $$ Transactions for 2012?  Dwolla [Video] | Change Leadership Watch | Scoop.it

 "The cost of the transaction was .25.  That's 25 CENTS.  Really!"

I've made my first transaction to pay for some website work via Dwolla. For my web-master friend, between our two bank accounts, the cost of the transaction was .25. That's 25 CENTS. Really. That was all. No %-age fee, no credit cards.

On the merchant end of things, if this catches on, it could be huge. If Google somehow gets connected to Dwolla at some point, it WILL be huge.

It might also help Google with its new YouTube merchandising business. It certainly fits with the "don't be evil" ethic suggested by the giant.

The only exception might be leadership failure. With cautionary tales like RIMM (the Blackberry manufacturer) and Rubbermaid, leadership #fails can stall even the most innovative companies.  (See the article just to the right for more about that, via ScoopIt curation on change cautionary tales.)

Here's hoping that Dwolla takes off, if for nothing else than for a business success in the direction of the 99% protests this past year, and still going on, as an example of helping things work for everyone, not just a select few.