Why Traditional Business Transformation Doesn't Work: Co-Creative Transformation  | Innovation Playground | Change Leadership Watch | Scoop.it

Over 60% of companies out there are operating on a dated buisness model and 20% operating with a mental model that had expired for more than 5 years ago.

Business transformation traditionally takes the form of unfreezing to refreezing and briding the gaps in capabilities, mindset and performance.  This classic change model was ok for the olden days; it's too rigid to work now (unless we classify it as a slushie!)

The transformation model featured in this blog post by Idris Mootee has a strong future orientation, uses design thinking principles, and features a tangible, collaborative co-creation process.

A high-level view is captured by the following formula: Successful Brand-Driven Business Transformation = P+N+C+M+I+F

P = Develop a perspective of the future(s) informed by strategic foresights (both customer and technology contexts) and deep organizational insights;

N = Develop a co-created brand narrative that inspired people re: possibilities and purpose at the core of the story;

C = Develop a compelling case for the need for change developed and shared by all executives, investors, employees and B2B business partners;

M = Map - Develop a practical means to tie innovation (roadmap) and projects to the desired future(s);

I = Design an incentive systems that are aligned to identify and encourage appropriate behaviors compatible with the desired future;

F = Develop feedback mechanism for each stage of the process to monitor progress and provide input for continuous improvement.