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"Do you want sustained cultural change ? Until the operations change, NOTHING will stick."

Yeah, yeah.  Change consultants know that cultural change can kickstart with organizational changes or strategic changes that look powerful & imply true change. But it is the work in the trenches, the operations changes that make the difference for going the distance.


“Building a team that combined the old and the new was critical to our success."


Excerpted, a few of the golden gems:

[Operations] is often the most difficult part of the change process because operations involve ingrained habits, practices, and systems.

It’s worth the effort because corporate culture is the only truly sustainable competitive advantage.  [DN:  I'd add leader behaviors for innovation, coaching & team collaboration support.]

From the Equifax case study:

“Building a team that combined the old and the new was critical to our success.

It was critical for me as a leader to not underestimate the people part, getting people to engage, be willing to support and sustain the change.

Strategy and execution has to be joined by a very strong psychological conversion of beliefs, from the old patterns to the new.”