I'm the Boss!  Why Should I Care If You Like Me?  Research Results on Executive Likability | Change Leadership Watch | Scoop.it

Bad news for mean bosses.  In a study of 51,836 leaders, we found just 27 who were rated at the bottom quartile in terms of likability but in the top quartile in terms of overall leadership effectiveness — that's approximately one out of 2,000.

360 data from these 50,000+ leaders highlighted seven key steps executives can take to substantially increase their likability.



Increase positive emotional connections with others.... If a leader is angry or frustrated, those feelings will spread to others. Conversely, if a leader is positive and optimistic, those emotions also spread. Be aware of your emotional state and work to spread the positive emotions.


Display rock solid integrity. Do others trust you to keep your commitments and promises? Are others confident that you will be fair and do the right thing? 

Be a coach, mentor, and teacher. Most people have fond and positive memories of coaches and mentors. Helping others develop is a gift that is never forgotten.

Be an inspiration. Most leaders know very well how to drive for results. ...The most successful leaders ...also ...roll up their sleeves ...and pitch in with the team. They communicate powerfully. Inspiring leaders...are more likeable.