Youth and Optimism: Emotional Intelligence foundation skills for the Future of Change Resiliency | Change Leadership Watch |

"Introducing students as young as 13 to the principles of EI can have an significant impact on behaviour and academic performance.  The benefits only increase as the students mature towards school leaving age."

This HR article captures the systemic nature of our education system and the need for long term thinking, especially with the decline of creativity in the U.S.


Dr Martin Seligman of the University of Pennsylvania found that scores on a test of optimism in 500 UPENN freshmen were a better predictor of actual grades during their first year than SAT scores or high school grades.

...There is no doubt that by measuring and developing key emotional elements such as self-awareness, empathy, adaptability, relationship skills and optimism (none of which you will find on the curriculum of most schools today!) [improves] our predictions around which students will succeed and which may need more support.

...we can actually improve academic results and, even more importantly, prepare our young people better for higher education or the workplace.