Champion Print Studio
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Champion Print Studio

Champion Print Studio | Champion Print Studio |







Champion Print Studio
212 Wyecroft Rd
Oakville, ON L6K 3T9
(905) 338-8700


Champion Print Studio, a Canadian owned company provides custom printed shirts and clothing. The company's sales office is located in Oakville, Canada. Their catalog includes a variety of clothing items, which can be custom, designed to suit customer needs. T-shirts, sweatshirts, polo shirts, shorts, bags and other accessories can be designed and the company would be delivering the required quantity in specified time. They provide designs for all ranges of customers, i.e from schoolchildren to corporate personnel.


Champions print studio provides designs at various costs depending on the design involved in creating the clothing material. In most of the cases, the designer clothing apparel comes at an affordable cost. The company directly deals with the customers; hence, there will not be any consultant or brokerage charges. They import the raw clothing material (on which designs are implemented) from numerous authentic suppliers like Nike, Coal Harbour, New Era, Flexfit, Gildan etc. which explains their variety of products and brands.


All the production is done in house. There will be minimal costs involved in creating the custom designed clothing apparel. The quality of the products is quite surprising considering the designing costs and the products are also made available at lower costs. This also explains the low prices of the products and high quality. They provide a variety of services like graphic design, screen printing, embroidery, foil stamping etc. for creating the customer designs. Techniques are applied based on required designs.


The company takes its orders directly from its customers. Customers will place a quote on Champion Print Studio's website. Through call describing their specifications, quantity needed and budget details based on which the order will be placed. Champion print studio also provides coast-to-coast shipping in Canada. However, there is a provision available for customers to pick the goods up or get them shipped to their destinations.


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