Cells for Life
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Cells for Life

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Cells for Life
585 University Ave
Toronto, ON M5G 2N2
(416) 260-0808



Cells for Life is one of the first cord blood companies in Canada. The company takes pride in the fact that Cells for Life was founded in 1997 by medical professionals and continues to be managed by a professional team of doctors, scientists and registered nurses. Their Medical Director, Obstetrician Dr. Michael Virro is supported by their clinical educators who have extensive experience in labour, delivery and pediatrics. In addition, Cells for Life has developed strong, long term relationships with hospitals, clinics, medical and birthing professionals across Canada to maintain quality throughout the entire process.


Since 1997, the company has stored over 36,000 cord blood units. Their bio repository (storage) is located in Toronto General Hospital. Medical research has shown that umbilical cord blood is a very valuable source of stem cells. Collection of blood from the umbilical cord at birth is a safe and easy procedure that offers parents a once in a lifetime opportunity to collect and preserve these unique cells in a cord blood storage bank. At Cells for Life, the staff is able to isolate and concentrate these stem cells and store them for their clients.


This technology provides an immediate supply of cord blood stem cells should a baby or a family member require a stem cell transplant. Families can choose to store their baby’s cord blood stem cells for their family to use in the future. The majority of umbilical cord blood samples stored in Canada are through private umbilical cord blood banks. Parents choose to store child’s umbilical cord blood to ensure future access and have immediate access to samples for treatment if needed.

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