If you are trying to score as many A’s as possible in the upcoming tests you need to start checking out your notes. There are specific approaches you can utilize during revision for tests which make it much easier for you to recall what you study. There's, of course, nothing that can replace dedication but if you adhere to certain strategies, you've a better chance of grasping and saving details. You can find perfect content about exam centre here: http://www.ccss.co.uk/exam-centre.htm
1. Revision Timetable  
The very first element which you must do is to create a revision timetable that features all the subjects you will be taking assessments for. This way, you can see the subjects which need numerous revisions and you can allocate them more hours. There are free timetables which are available for download on the web.
2. Take regular breaks
Resting for hours is not a great method with regards to revision for assessments. Instead, take breaks sometimes and during the break do some light physical exercise. By doing this, you obtain more oxygen to your brain and you'll be able to focus better.  
3. Apply mind maps
Mind maps are actually an ideal way to connect thoughts or concepts that you're having a tough time understanding. Essentially, they set reasoning into ideas in a step by step manner so that connections are made in the brain. Like timetables, mind maps are accessible on the internet free of charge.
4. Think of the best way you revise
There is no one appropriate solution to revise. Everybody has a unique method of understanding. Some individuals understand best with diagrams, others utilizing music, other through reading and so on. As soon as you know how best you understand you will have an easier time with modification and remembering what you read.
5. Perform past documents
This is the most important thing you can do with regards to revision for assessments. Examination questions are usually repeated from previous years. If you do past documents, you've a great chance of addressing most of the questions which will be in your upcoming tests.
6. Create discussion groups
They're essential especially for addressing ideas which are not easy to learn. Several brains come together and discuss their way of thinking. Every contribution assists to make the thought clearer. Have a group together which could discuss and share notes. As a group, try to have diverse ways of revision; you can see movies, listen to podcasts, tune in to audios and the like.  Extra stuff that can help you have good look about boarding houses: https://www.codeplex.com/site/users/view/EddieEsposito
7. Various subjects are learned differently
Many students make this mistake when they revise for tests; they study different subjects employing the same strategies. You can, for example, make use of flashcards to study languages but they will not be useful with regards to studying science. When you determine how to learn the different subjects you will have a better possibility of recalling your information for the test.
8. Stay Relaxed
And finally, on the day of the examination stay relaxed. Avoid any friend who may be panicky - it might spread from one individual to another. Get to the exam well in advance and be sure that you have eaten an excellent breakfast and are properly hydrated.