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Far-right groups plan day of demonstrations across England

Far-right groups plan day of demonstrations across England | cbor | Scoop.it
Anti-racism campaigners warn of 'day of hate' on Saturday as English Defence League and BNP prepare for marches

Via Leicester Worker
Zhidoh Fok's insight:

It is disheartening to see that people would want to go on demonstrations for they had enough of racism , to  fight back equality . The fight against racism is not easy and will not be unless more people would decide to stop turning to a blind eye and take charge to do something .Skin colour is just a colour and it does not matter .We should not discriminate based on colour , and then there will be peace .

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Israel-Palestine Conflict: Grief of a mother

CNN's Becky Anderson sits down with the mother of Mohammed Abu Khdeir, the Palestinian boy who was brutally murdered.

Via Hossan Epiques Novelle
Zhidoh Fok's insight:

This is an extremely disheartening and mournful news . It is downright atrocious and unfair towards the innocent child , and to all the other victims , families and friends that have to suffer despite not being in fault . When there is conflict , innocent civilians will suffer . Peace is the only remedy .

Hossan Epiques Novelle's curator insight, July 13, 2014 4:53 AM

It is sad to see such an atrocious crime being committed by a human being on another human. Aren't men all equal? Why are we categorising ourselves by race, nationality, beliefs, etc? 

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Racist bullying: Far-right agenda on immigration ‘being taken into classrooms’

Racist bullying: Far-right agenda on immigration ‘being taken into classrooms’ | cbor | Scoop.it
The number of children seeking help for racist bullying increased sharply last year, as campaigners warn that the heated public debate about immigration is souring race relations in the classroom.

Via Leicester Worker, Dawn Choo, Sonia Tommo
Zhidoh Fok's insight:

Racism is not born , but taught . Children learn from their surroundings and the people around them , and are blinded to racism  to the extent of not even knowing that it occurs for it has become so norm . We need to stop this vicious cycle from continuing . Everyone should be treated fairly and equally regardless of race , religion or culture .This is something very serious .children should be educated from young about racism , and we should  not feign ignorance as it can impact them  the way they think and view about people of different religion beliefs or race and think it is alright to say racist abuses , for it is not okay .

Ray Kang's curator insight, July 16, 2014 6:58 AM

According to the article, immigrant students are being bullied and teased. I feel so sorry for these students as they need to bear such suffering at a young age. I think this is not only the local children's problem, but is also their parents' problem as their actions have influence their children. I think in order to solve this problem, community should take part to educate not only the children but also the adults to be role model to be friendly towards the foreigners.

Natasha Ho's curator insight, July 18, 2014 10:47 AM

From this article, I can tell that those who have been bullied because of their races have been affected and impacted very negatively. The students who were muslims were often regarded as the terrorists. Even if some students are UK born, they were also told to pack up and return to where they belonged. I feel that these children should not be bullied based on their races. It is really disappointing to know that students were not made better felt but sometimes even being ignored when they raise their issues of being bullied. I personally feel that racism should not carry on any further as it can affect someone emotionally and the consequences might not be what it seem as minor. Also, I feel that the bullies should put themselves in the victim’s shoes and spare a thought for their friend’s feelings. Everyone should be more sensitive towards this subject of racism and they should always think before making any remarks. 

Aqil Norazali's curator insight, July 12, 2016 5:43 PM
I feel that this is a real time event many would have encountered. I am saddened that this is happening in schools, not by adults, but by children, where those who are of different skin tone or sound different with an accent, would be isolated from the rest. The fact that it started with them learning the wrong things from their surroundings would also play a big part in their lives in the future.