New York City, NY 18th July, 2014- one of the leading and top rated typing services provider has unveiled its all new data entry service as part of a new strategy designed to diversify its services by the end of 2014. According to a statement released by the company the new data entry service will be offered at $0.1 per entry and as many observers in the market note, this will definitely be the cheapest data entry rate in the entire market.

For the better part of 2014 has been conducting a comprehensive diversification of its services. The top typing services provider has seen remarkable growth over the years and the launch of a new data entry service will help maintain this progress in the coming few months. In addition to this, is confident that it will tap into the huge data entry market and considering its high standard of quality in service delivery, analysts can expect nothing less.

Data entry is one of the most hectic things to do. In most cases a lot of people tend to make a lot of mistakes and the need to employ the services of an expert in this regard cannot be emphasized more than it has in recent years. has made it clear that the main reason why it has launched the new service is to meet this need. The manuscript typing services provider has assured its customers that it has the capacity to independently offer data entry services and typing services at the same time.

According to many analysts who have been following the copy paste services provider in recent years, the diversification of its services will for sure spell a new dawn in its growth and development. is confident that the unveiling of the data entry services will be a huge relief for the huge number of people looking up to online based providers for data entry help.

The company has also noted that it will spare no effort in popularizing the new services and also making it reliable and as effective as its professional typing services. Finding quality data entry experts is not easy but as it looks, is indeed here to change that. For more details on the new services or retype help please get in touch with the firm through

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