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There's a rather interesting new study out of Ohio State University that says that consuming media may affect us more than we think.


Stories are very powerful. The stories we read and tell ourselves influence how we be and act in the world. The stories we share with others influence how others be and act in the world.


This article talks about a recent Ohio State University study showing the link between stories and behavior.


Which is why the hype about storytelling in the worlds of marketing and branding give me a queasy feeling sometimes.


On the other hand, if we as leaders, business owners, entreprenuers and heads of non-profits choose to do good in the world, understanding the power of stories can allow us to create our worlds and those we interact with more consciously.


If you want to be a certain way as a leader or business owner, read stories that support that.


As a small business or enterprise, what kinds of customers do you want to attract and work with? What kinds of employees do you want to attract to you? Figure that out and share stories in alignment with those desires.


This sounds simple, is not so easy, yet there is great truth and wisdom to these notions and the conclusions of the study shared here.


Makes you wonder and take pause about some of the video games out there.


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