CAS 383 D. Yoh
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Scooped by Dallan Yoh!

Risks of Digital Media

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Scooped by Dallan Yoh!

Cyber Protection Tactics

CAS 383

Dallan Yoh's insight:

* Be aware of the websites that you visit and URL's.

* Change passwords regularly.

* Be cautious of 'Autofill' and 'Remember Me' functions.

* Do not store passwords on your computer.

* Never store or save identity or payment information on computer.

* Be aware of where you give out personal information.

* Turn your computer off when it is not in use.

* Use safe online payment methods.

* Use Anti-Virus software and Firewalls.

* Have Wifi and Router passwords.

* Monitor your online accounts carefully.

* Update trusted software.

* Keep yourself educated and up to date.


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