Carrageenan Funcation
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Carrageenan Funcation
The basic informations of Carrageenan: 1. Carrageenan E number is E407, CAS No. is 9000-07-1. 2. Carrageenan mainly has two kinds, one is refined carrageenan, the other is semi refined carrageenan. 3. Carrageenan is widly used as food additives and ingredients and medicine in our daily life. 4. Although we are not the largest carrageenan facotry in China,but we are the best quality carrageenan manufacturer. Carrageenan mainly has three classes: 1. Kappa carrageenan. This forms is strong and rigid gels in the presence of potassium ions; it reacts with dairy proteins. It is sourced mainly from Eucheuma cottonii. 2. Iota carrageenan. This forms is soft gels in the presence of calcium ions. It is produced mainly from Eucheuma spinosum. 3. Lambda carrageenan. This forms does not gel, and is used to thicken dairy products. The most common source is Gigartina from South America. More information, Please send email to us
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