Blue Dolphin Creations Winter season Split Survival Package The Winter season Split Survival Package from Blue Dolphin Creations has every thing you require to amuse your youngster throughout the college split! Consider out the tension and trouble of operating about searching for actions to do. This survival package offers a selection of actions your youngster can total every working day. There are three various sized kits to match your requirements. Kits are accessible from December one-21 or whilst materials final. Appreciate totally free individual supply if you reside in Santa Clara County and totally free delivery if you reside in California. Kits are accessible in Xmas and winter season themes. Stage-by-stage directions will be integrated. Decoration craft styles might differ. Teeny Survival Package- $twenty five Ages three-five: Consists of two foam decoration crafts, style your personal journal, bell necklace or doorway decoration, five letter and quantity actions, two coloring webpages, stickers,В  vacation foam stickers, perform dough, and one pencil. Ages six+: Exact same as over besides there will be design magic clay rather of perform dough and the letter/quantity actions will be exchanged with phrase and quantity actions.   Normal Survival Package- $fifty Ages three-five: Consists of Teeny Survival Package Additionally melty bead decoration craft, Letter to Santa, Introduction Calendar craft, vacation themed pencil, mini box of crayons, style your personal foam body, and a winter season-themed bag to colour and enhance. Ages six+: Exact same as over besides a pony bead keychain package will be integrated rather of the foam body.   The Total Survival Package- $one hundred Ages three-five: Consists of the Teeny Survival Package and Mini Survival Package Additionally picture decoration craft, paper stain glass tree or angel, vacation bracelet craft, mouse sweet cane holder craft, much more phrase puzzles and coloring webpages, vacation trivia, and an Eskimo Cookie recipe. Ages six+: Exact same as over besides vacation tale starters will be additional and a enhance-your-personal chipboard body will consider location of the foam body.   Buy your package at beginning November 24th. If you have much more than 1 youngster in your loved ones we are providing a low cost for every extra package. Make sure you get in touch with Holly Snyder, proprietor of Blue Dolphin Creations, for much more particulars. Kits will be sent beginning December 1st.