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Excerpted from a longer piece...

"Who, on earth makes up these rules? It’s the blind leading the blind when it should be the Divine leading the Divine. Beneath such thinking lies control and self-deception. Perhaps the integration of our animal nature would relieve God/Goddess of shocking eruptions from time to time. We are Divinity in manifestation, already. How can we improve on that? The need to touch in on the spontaneous primordial forces for revitalization is so essential to protect us from our sterilized and sanitized minds. Without contact with the untransformed there would be no hope for humanity’s escape from the tyranny of rationality. The War, the intoxicants, the inner city initiations, the compulsions, the outlaws, the riots, the deviants – all an essential part of a much larger dance called Life. These cannot be legislated into oblivion. Without them we will fall further into the chaos of unconscious shadow. Let’s carry our fair share consciously. To the barricades mes infants!! Authority that oppresses cannot be the guiding light to wholeness. Between Dionysus and Apollo you and I stumble through Life. That is our destiny. If we were 20 maybe we should behave just to get along and to become mad with rationality as we finger our licensures. In our 50’s and 60’s let’s start with ferment.

Basically, humans have changed little in the several thousands of years of civilization with some evidence we are regressing biologically and psychologically. If changes have occurred it is because Life seeks such changes and not because human beings independently conceptualized idealization and perfection. What hubris!"...W.Brugh Joy, M.D.

Via Michael Goodman