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I have a lot of friends in the process of interviewing right now, and they share many of the same concerns. They’re nervous about what to say in response to behavioral questions, which I&#821... (Preparing for an interview?


Looking for a job? Getting ready to jump to another company? Ready to launch into a new career? Then make sure you read this article by Marcey Farrey.


I like this post -- because it has very good advice & tips for how to find a craft a few stories for your job interviews.


DO NOT describe your last position -- you are simply selling your job description. In no way does that convey YOUR VALUE to a potential employer.  What they really want to hear are stories about how you helped the company save time, money, effort, etc. or produced revenue. And they want to hear how you recovered from mistakes. And they want to know what you've learned from your experiences.


So use this article to start crafting your stories so you can stand out from all the other candidates!


For more on this topic, ready my colleague Katherine Hansen's book A Storied Career. I am not affiliated with Kat but it is the only resource out there and it's good.


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