This a good career to think about if you enjoy helping people when they are in need. Starting salary is $40,000 - $85,000 /year. Having good communication skills is key for this career. You should be able to calm people when they are scared and in pain.

Some task that you will have to do:

• Perform physical exams and collect patient information
• Provide medical treatment to patients, such as bandaging wounds or giving medication
• Monitor results of treatments
• Keep patients informed
• Maintain records and charts, and supervise other nurses and health support staff

The hours per week that you would do if you choose being a nurse would be 35-45. Some include evenings and weekends. You would be able to work in settings like; hospitals, nursing homes, walk-in clinics, prisons, school, etc. But being a nurse is not just about helping others the work can be physically and emotionally demanding. So be prepared.

Being a nurse can be a wonderful career if you enjoy doing the thing needed to be one. :)