Agricultural Innovation with John-Paul Maxfield
Cannabis? Gateway to Sustainable and Climate Friendly Farming Practices.
Cannabis Treatments for Alzheimer's Blocked by Bureaucracy 
Lest We Forget?
Colorado Starts a 'Cannabis Conversation' On Driving While High
The primary driver of change in Cannabis regulations in Colorado was Alcohol use in the at risk demographic, binging related harms amongst University students and risk taking Young Drivers.

Consider the following (as it also approximates, is close too NZ's population)

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) says that there were 36,135 arrests for DUI in Colorado (population: 4,301,261) in Y2K (2000 baseline)

36,135 arrests for population: 4,301,261 in 2000
29,022 arrests for population: 4,935,213 in 2008.
23,323 arrests for population: 5,189,458 in 2012.
21,745 arrests for population: 5,540,545 in 2016.

Now there is a trend well worth noting....
Ontario Wants To Fine Illegal Cannabis Businesses Up To $1 Million After Legalization
Ontario Wants To Fine Illegal Cannabis Businesses Up To $1 Million After Legalization -

Now that looks remarkably like a protection racket..... /Blair
Colorado Celebrates Five-Year Anniversary of Cannabis Legalization
Yep, and in about fifteen more years some bugger will find something bad to say about all this......  ;-)
Health Effects of Marijuana and Cannabis-Derived Products Presented in New Report
A useful report important for as much what it doesnt say as for what it does....   look in particular for words like 'limited evidence for'
Northern Michigan University begins nation's first medical marijuana degree program
The 100 day MedPot agenda espoused by Labour, Greens, United Future et al... has been seriously compromised.

We can only hope that the due process around a Green Party bill [drawn from the ballot] gives the medicinal use of cannabis issue sufficient headroom to see that reform was not without considerable support. 

ALCP aka the Cannabis Party consistently polled around #6-8th in voter choice, many times that of United Future, and beating off in many seats the Maori Party, Mana, Internet Party,  Outdoors, Ban1080, Democrats, Peoples Party and others.

It was the big little Party.

Cannabis Decriminalization Offers Opportunity for Reparations | Cannabis Now
Reparations are how you say Sorry!
The UN and WHO just called for drugs to be decriminalised
Mean while politicians are being brought up to speed, oblivious to what this means....   (WGN July 6th)
Canada Ponders an Unusual Drug Problem: a Shortage of Marijuana
Cannabis, Not enough is the problem!