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Having a canine unit in the community is great because it increases the rate of crimes and helps police do things that humans can’t do like tracking the culprit of a crime. The canines in the unit can sniff out illegal material such as bombs, currency, fruit and Vegetables that aren’t supposed to be in the country, narcotics and firearms, there are dogs for all of these things. Another benefit for having a canine unit is that when police need a building searched they can send a dog in to make sure that everything is okay before the people come in. The dogs are taught to follow a ground scent over different spaces and all sorts of different problems that may occur. The dogs are trained with tactical people because they need to know how a dog will react when certain things happen, but everything the dog does is told to him/her by the officer and only then are the dogs allowed to do anything.
Some of the benefits to having dogs in the police force are they can do large area searches where humans couldn’t cover as much area as a dog. The thing about having dogs is that they are trained for up to 4 months before they are allowed to be a part of the force and after their training they do up to 30 hours of training a month with their owner. The dogs at the end of the day go home with the police officer. Even the canine unit cars are built for the safety of the dog, they want to make sure that the dog won’t get hurt or have anything happen to it well in the vehicle.
The Canine unit officers work all sorts of shifts and they are on call twenty four seven, they don’t get their weekends when they get called they have to come in and do their job. They also go to competions for the training and where their dogs are at. Cst. Neil Moulton and Nitro (dog) placed second in bomb and then tenth in agility.