Benefits of Radio Frequency Ablation in Cancer Treatments | Benefits of Radio Frequency Ablation in Cancer Treatments |

Radio frequency ablation (RFA) is an image-guided technique that destroys the cancer cells in a body. In this process X-ray, Ultrasound or CT-guided imagery is used to help guide a needle enter into the cancer cells. High-frequency electrical currents are then passed through the electrode, creating heat that causes rapid death of affected cells. As compared to other treatments, it causes minimal injury, less complications and helps in speedy recovery.


RFA is used to cure many types of liver cancer. But, the most common types are:


* Hepatocellular Carccionome (Primary stage)

* Colon cancer


Procedure of Radio frequency ablation for Cancer Treatment:


In this process the patient is given the standard drugs in the vein, which help to relax during the entire procedure. All most all of the patients feel quite comfortable during the process and do not require any pain-killer medication.


A small needle about 17 gauge is inserted into the affected area with the help of CT guidance or ultrasound. Electrical currents in the form of radio-frequency waves is transmitted to the tip of the needle generates heat that destroys affected cells. The heat also helps close the small blood vessels and reduces the risk of bleeding. Usually the temperature ranges above 50°C. The process can be repeated several times to kill more damaged cells. Each process takes about 15 minutes to accomplish. Generally, RFA can kill the affected cells of size 3-4 cm. In this process the destroyed cells are not removed, these are gradually absorbed and digested by the natural immune system of the body.


Benefits of RFA:


* When surgery is too risky or not possible, it is the best local treatment

   option available

* Basically does not require the general anesthesia

* Most of the patients can resume their normal life on the very next      

   day. But, they may feel a bit of tiredness for few days.

* One can undergo for the treatment again if necessary

* It can be combined with the other treatment options available

* It gives a great relief from pain and other side effects, so that you can

   live a quality life

* One does not need to stay for a longer period of time in the hospital

* It has a small number of complications.


People who have a number of tumor cells or a single large tumor, which cannot be cured surgically are advised to go for RFA, which is available at some of the Best Hospitals For Cancer Treatment.