Can't afford healthcare but make too much for medicaid?



I'm so frustrated with how our country handles healthcare - it should be a basic right for all citizens, not a big business. Anyway, my boyfriend and I are full-time students currently living off of student loans and not working while we are in a very demanding program. We have no health insurance and our school does not have a health clinic. My boyfriend has been having severe gastrointestinal issues that are getting increasingly worse, he fears he may have bowel cancer or some horrible disease and wants to get checked out. We looked into medicaid and found out he does not qualify b/c he has more than 2k in the bank (all loan money), but we need that money to pay rent and eat and pay tuition and books. The cheapest health insurance we can find is $150 a month and doesn't include any extra testing (like a colonoscopy, etc.) So, what does your average middle american trying to get by and go to school to become a better person do? Should we just wait until he dies? Seriously. Rapists and murderers in prison are getting better healthcare than your average family. This place sucks, I want to move to Europe. Any suggestions on how we can get him affordable or free help before he dies?


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