California Medical Weight Management
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Uncover the Svelte You

Uncover the Svelte You | California Medical Weight Management |
Riya kaushik's insight:

The doctors weight loss clinic in Palm Harbor FL has created a minor sensation. It is one of the many clinics affiliated to a excellent medical weight management organization that are dotted all over the USA. The doctors weight loss clinic Palm Harbor FL is a treasure waiting to be discovered.

You no longer have to suffer from the ill effects of obesity. These include

Chronic back pain

Type 2 diabetes

High blood pressure

High cholesterol

Coronary artery disease

Certain types of cancer

On the other hand you also don’t have to kill yourself with crash dieting or yo yo dieting. The clinic offers the healthy way to lose weight under strict medical supervision. You are on a one on one with the physician and clinical staff right from the very beginning.


Your eligibility for the medically supervised program is determined by a stringent initial check up . The check comprises EKG, blood works,blood pressure and comprehensive body composition. A detailed medicalhistor6y is also taken into consideration to determine your eligibility to the program.

If eligible a diet and exercise program is drawn up by the physicians and clinical staff. This program is monitored through mandatory weekly check ups that ensure the preservation of your good health and optimal energy levels while you meet your weight loss challenges. Therapeutic injections, vitamins, diet supplements and FDA approved diet suppressants may be administered by the clinic if needed. You have easy access to physician and medical staff through out step one and lose weight rapidly and effectively.


Step two of the program is the transitional part of the program while step one constitutes the rapid weight loss step of the program. The weekly visits continue to ensure the preservation of your good health.


Step three focuses on ling term weight maintenance , the emphasis is on behavioural modification, diet and exercise . You are educated by the medical staff about strategies to keep weight off that you have lost , in the long term. You learn to make healthy choices in terms of diet and life style.


The program is informed by the four corners of well being. These include

medical supervision

physical strength

emotional strength

mental strength.


You are put in touch with a counsellor and your victories celebrated. If you should happen to have set backs in your weight loss, emotional councilling is provided to make you feel optomisti c.

During your time on the program, you can hope to -

Increase your energy while you discard unwanted pounds

Easily control your appetite and cravings

Experience rapid weight loss safely and effectively

Reach your ideal weight goal quickly and with ease

Avoid yo-yo dieting effect and enjoy long term weight loss

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Scooped by Riya kaushik!

Amarillo Weight Loss Program – a Quick Weight Loss Solution

Amarillo Weight Loss Program – a Quick Weight Loss Solution | California Medical Weight Management |
Riya kaushik's insight:

The Amarillo weight loss program has been designed to meet your weight loss challenges in the most efficient manner. It is a medically supervised weight loss program, which is associated with prescription medications, therapeutic injections and supplement intakes. It is significantly more focused on increasing your metabolic rate. Adding to this, it shows no adverse side effects, and assures preservation of your good health.


Amarillo is said to be one of the most populous cities in the state of Texas. In the recent times, many renowned weight loss centers have been opened in Amarillo Texas that work in strict adherence with a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach to weight loss. They are engaged in offering world-class weight loss solutions to help those who are groaning in pain because of excessive weight. Equipped with advanced weight loss equipment and tools, the weight loss centers in Amarillo are backed by a dexterous team of weight loss doctors. All these doctors possess higher educational qualifications and have been a part of most renowned weight loss centers. They commit to help and guide each patient on every step of the way.


The Amarillo weight loss programs include:


Proper dietary counselingA well-supervised diet programPsychological screening and testingMetabolic testingMonitoring on a weekly basis

Whether it is 10 pounds or 300 pounds, the natural-cum-effective weight loss programs work at their very best. However, they place emphasis on building a foundation for a healthy lifestyle. In addition to this, these are really helpful in navigating the patients through the journey of weight loss.


If you are fighting with unmanageable weight problems for long, Amarillo weight loss and management program is the ideal solution for you. It can help you to lose 2 to 6 pounds in a week’s time. The best part is that it includes no calorie counting. Once you reach your ideal weight, the focus would be shifted towards maintaining your ideal weight. This program lays emphasis on nutrition, balance and exercising so as to increase your metabolism while eliminating your problematic food cravings.  


Generally, Amarillo weight loss program includes three steps:


Proper analysis of patient’s medical history along with a composition body analysis and weight loss physical exam to make sure that the patient is eligible for the program.After the initial consultation, a patient is given a tailored diet. He or she is then monitored on a weekly basis. This is done to make sure if the weight loss goal is reached quickly and successfully. Such weekly monitoring visits are a necessary and mandatory part of the program.The last step is a long-term weight maintenance program, which is focused on exercising, modification, nutritional balance and shaping.

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