My Cadillac XLR had no oil pressure in the engine. With no oil pressure, I had my car towed to the nearest Cadillac dealership repair shop. The maintenance manager at the dealership went over the options for my engine. He said they could take the engine apart and troubleshoot the problem or put in a new engine. Both options were going to cost a ton. Troubleshooting the engine was going to start at $2,500 and a new engine was going to be $10,000...yikes! In troubleshooting the engine, there was a chance that the problem couldn't be fixed by them and I would have had to get a new engine anyway. I was urged by the maintenance manager to get the new engine and spend the 10 grand. I initially chose to have the dealership troubleshoot and repair the engine, rolling the dice that it could be repaired. I called the repair shop after 3 days and the maintenance manager told me they hadn't even touched my car yet. He said that they MIGHT get to my car the following week which would have had my car sitting at the dealership for at least 7 days before they would even touch it. I was in a rental car so I knew I had to take my car somewhere else.
I looked online for a repair shop that specialized in Cadillac's and found Matt's Caddy Shack. I called Matt's Caddy Shack and spoke with Matt where he told me my options. It was a breath of fresh air! Matt said that he could fix my car for much less. I had my car towed to Matt's where he troubleshot the engine and found a bad oil pump in less than a day! My car was ready, driving as good as new, in a day and a half!! I paid less at Matt's for the entire repair than it would have cost the dealership to only find the problem. That's not mentioning that the dealership tried to get me to spend 10 grand on a new engine! I'm never taking my XLR to any other repair shop...HIGHLY RECOMMENDED