20 Ways to Use Edmodo...


Are learning management systems going the way of the Web 2.0 tools?  I often opt for the philosophy of 'small tools loosely joined' when I work with students. I have to be careful that I don't give them too many digital places to go, too many usernames and passwords, too many learning curves.  After all it is not the tools that are primar, but the affordances they offer and the adjacent and unexpected possibles that open up as they use these tools to research, write and share.


So that's the long way around the barn to say:  perhaps Edmodo is a useful tool still because it does so much.  It reminds me of Diigo.  Perhaps as teachers who use tech in our teaching we should measure the cognitive weight of the tools we ask our students to use with an eye toward getting good 'weight'. 


Via Dr. Susan Bainbridge, Terry Elliott, Anne Whaits, WebTeachers