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BYOD iPads
Looking at the implementation of iPads in Middle and High schools
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iPad Research in Schools - Use and Impact of the iPad

iPad Research in Schools - Use and Impact of the iPad | BYOD iPads |

An in-depth study that took place in Scotland, looking at "issues associated with the deployment of personal mobile devices as tools for teaching and learning."
Four themes were identified:

* How tablet devices impacted teaching and learning?

* Leadership and management issues

* Parental engagement

* Professional development and learning for teachers

The post lists six headlines from the study, including (quoting):

* The adoption of mobile technologies on a personal basis significantly increases access to technology for students, both inside and beyond school, with many attendant benefits for learning which include greater motivation, engagement, parental involvement, and understanding of complex ideas.

 * Teachers are equally engaged by the use of a device like the iPad which has a low learning curve enabling them to use it immediately as a teaching tool and a learning tool for themselves.

For more information click through to the article. To download the report you will need to go a link at the end of the articles "iPad Scotland Evaluation."

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The Stages of the Learning Independence Continuum

The Stages of the Learning Independence Continuum | BYOD iPads |

The Institute @ CESA #1 is introducing the stages of the Learning Independence Continuum in their blog following the release of the white paper, The Learning Independence Continuum.  In their first post they provide an overview with the remaining posts focusing on one of the stages of the continuum.


> Motivation

> Engagement

> Self-efficacy

> Ownership

> Independence


"In personalized learning environments, learning activities will fall all along this continuum – at times it’s more important for the educator to drive the work, at others, the learner will take the driver’s seat. However, in order for this to happen, all of the characteristics along the continuum should be developed and nurtured in each learner."

Via Kathleen McClaskey, Norton Gusky
Angie Tarasoff's comment, August 20, 2012 8:34 PM
I wonder if there isn't another stage here - or maybe it's not on the continuum at all, but somewhere else: interdependence.

I'm starting to think we don't typically learn anything independently - but through interactions with other people, or the knowledge someone else has created.
Barbara Bray's comment, August 20, 2012 11:27 PM
Angie - Yes! You are right - interdependence. How to collaborate and work in teams. There is a large push to create independent learners and expert learners. Now you have me thinking.