According to various surveys, participation in contests is the most favorite activity among people in their leisure time, as these contests offer an easy opportunity to win hundreds or even thousands of dollars or prizes and prove to be useful for gaining authentic social recognition. In order to win these contests a large amount of online votes are required, which take a lot of effort, time and good planning of the contestants. Following are some valuable tips for contestants to get online contest votes effectively for winning a competition:

Use Forums

There are various forums over the internet for different hobbies and interests, where people communicate, to share perspectives, knowledge and useful information. Join forums you like, introduce yourself to others and make sure to leave out the contest details until the first two to three posts. After familiarizing yourself, include the link to vote with your forum signature to invite other people to vote for you. Also, many forums include sections for including posts not related to the topic; use such sections to plea for online contest votes as well. Make sure to thank people who comment that they have voted for you.

Use Facebook

Facebook acts a powerful communication platform; use it to spread the word about the contest and request people to send online contest votes for you in various groups and pages. Send a request message to all your friends and family through Facebook and post your voting plea on your wall at least twice a day, ensure that the link to vote is included in your every message and post. Play games and use applications that help you to send gifts and communicate with others - use such applications to your advantage, and send reminders with gifts.

Generate Votes through Twitter

Take your time to develop a network of friends, if you already have followers and friends that's an advantage. Twitter allows you to send bulk messages to your followers, send your request message by including 'vote for you' link and update your status twice a day just like Facebook. The same method can be adopted for other social websites as well.

Family and Friends

The most reliable source for acquiring bulk online contest votes is your family and friends; access them and ask for votes. The best way to make the request would be through an email, so that you ask them to forward your email to others as well. Make sure to mention the 'vote for you' link and the requirements to make the vote count.

Email your Contacts

Check your email address book, it must include people who you don't personally know, but have exchanged emails in the past. Email your voting request to them and thank them, if they reply to inform you that they have voted. If the contest lasts for a long duration, send a second email and request for another round.

All in all, these techniques are extremely useful for acquiring online contest votes in large amounts and assist contestants to get the most number of votes for winning competitions easily. ;