CYP/Interview with Gareth Matthews | Butterflies in my head |

Gareth Matthews—Professor emeritus in Philosophy at University of Massachusetts Amherst—has taught and published widely in the areas of ancient and medieval philosophy and the philosophy of religion. His latest two books are Socratic Perplexity and the Nature of Philosophy (Oxford, 1999) and Augustine (Blackwell, 2005). He has also been a pioneer in thinking, writing, and teaching about philosophy and children. His three books in this area—Philosophy and the Young Child (1980), Dialogues with Children (1984), and The Philosophy of Childhood (1994)—have been translated into a dozen languages, including Chinese, Japanese, and Indonesian, as well as various European languages. He has conducted philosophy discussions with elementary-school children in Austria, Australia, China, Israel, Germany, Japan, Norway, Scotland and in the USA.