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The Smartest Strategy For Selling Your Ebook - A Product Launch

The Smartest Strategy For Selling Your Ebook - A Product Launch | BUSINESS and more |

Here's The Simplest, Most Effective Way To Sell Hundreds (Or Thousands) Of Your Ebooks Each Year

without starting with a huge audience, without spending a penny on ads,
and without using a single tactic that makes you feel uncomfortable.

It's Not A Gimmick, Hype Or A Fad ...
It's Just A Smarter Way Of Selling Your Ebook.

What's the difference between unknown authors who struggle with getting even a handful of ebooks sold and best-selling authors whose fans line up and pre-order their books, sight unseen, just because it came from them?...

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4 Steps to Selling With Social Media

4 Steps to Selling With Social Media | BUSINESS and more |

Are you wondering why your social media efforts aren’t working?

Social media success sometimes appears arbitrary.

Perhaps you’ve wondered, “Why does company X generate leads and business from their social activity while my company wastes resources on blogs that don’t get read and tweets that go unanswered?”

Social media is so new, sometimes the path to success is unclear and it’s easy to lose your way.

If you want to demystify the experience and improve your ROI (return on investment), you need to make sure that your marketing and campaigns include these four essential components...

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