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Experts Discuss The Most Common Mistakes In Measuring Social Media ROI

Experts Discuss The Most Common Mistakes In Measuring Social Media ROI | BUSINESS and more |

This blogpost is an extract of the interviews conducted for my master thesis on Social Media Business Usage with some of the world’s leading experts on social media.

You can find the first and second part of the interviews here: Are Your Marketing Efforts Really Aligned? World’s Leading Experts Answer and Leading Experts Discuss Social Media ROI

The questions are preceded by my initials KCP, Kelli-Carolin Parkja, and the experts’ answers are indicated with their names. To contact me, write to me on Twitter @kellicarolin

The interviewees:

Andrea Colaianni, Social Media Consulting Director, SAME SAME Agency,
David Meerman Scott, Marketing and Leadership Strategist,
Jay Baer, Social Media Strategist at Convince and Convert,
Jen McClure, Senior Director, Social Media Strategist at Thomson Reuters,
Michael Hopps, Social Media Specialist at Cisco Systems and
Peter Kim, Chief Strategy Officer at DachisGroup.

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How To Prescribe A Return On Investment In Facebook

How To Prescribe A Return On Investment In Facebook | BUSINESS and more |

Yes, you can measure return on investment in Facebook and from there optimize your news feed output.


How can you apply a systematic framework — PowerPoint is not a framework — that is as rigorous and defensible as the income statement your company provides Wall Street?


Well, if you’re a big brand selling shampoo or soft drinks, your metrics will be quite different than a retail chain selling pizzas.


The messaging for a plus sized women’s clothing brand will differ from a local fitness center; one creates acceptance while the other creates dissatisfaction.


The number of fans needed to make an impact for a global non-profit versus a local optometrist varies widely; the latter needs only a few visits a month.
Do you have that list of goals in mind for your business, which you apply to all of your marketing channels?...

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6 Ways to Measure Your Social Media Results

6 Ways to Measure Your Social Media Results | BUSINESS and more |
Social media measurement: how to develop a framework for tying your social media performance to your business goals so you can measure your social media results.


How much time are you spending on social media? Can you tell if it’s helping sales?


Wouldn’t it be nice to have a framework for measuring the impact of your social media efforts?


That’s where Susan Etlinger’s new research for the Altimeter Group comes into play. Susan did qualitative research with 60 social media marketers and vendors to understand how businesses currently measure their social media performance.


Her goal: to develop a framework for tying social media performance to business goals.


NOTE: Because Susan’s original research targeted enterprise-level companies, I interviewed her to add some small business insights. The following comments combine results of the research and that interview...

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