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You search new ways to improve your online visibility or/and business contacts. Pinterest seems be a good way to achieve this objective. To know more about this subject and the various possibilities, this article will give you a lot of insights. [note Martin Gysler]

Now that we’ve given you the ultimate guide on how to get started with Pinterest, it’s worth taking a look at how businesses can put the social networking world’s darling to work for them.

Before taking a look at how you can put Pinterest to work for you, it’s worth looking at why you shouldn’t be ignoring Pinterest. First and foremost, the numbers speak louder than anything else. In the past six months, visits to Pinterest grew by 4000%, receiving an amazing 11 million hits in just one week.

Pinterest has also proved to be a great way to drive traffic to your site, and in some cases, has out-performed Facebook. 

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