This post do not talking gimmicks. It not talking overhyped promises. It talking about a logical approach to writing headlines that will actually take you from [cliché alert] zero to hero in exactly 9 steps... yes that's it [note mg]

A mere 6 to 12 words stand between you and a lower bounce rate.

A mere 6 to 12 words stand between you and a higher click-thru rate, a higher task completion rate, and even a higher conversion rate.

What are these 6 to 12 words? They’re the words that comprise your home page headline. David Ogilvy told us that 5 times as many people read the headline as the body copy. Robert Stone taught the same. So did Eugene Schwartz and Gary Bencivenga – both insanely brilliant marketers. A/B testers prove time and again that headlines are critical, as this headline test, which resulted in a 10.4% lift in conversion, showed. And every direct response and CRO copywriter has found this to be true: the first headline your visitor sees is the most important copy you’ll write.

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