6 Ways to Save with Virtualization in Your Small Business | Business Support | Scoop.it

Virtualization offers many benefits for small businesses, including cost savings and IT efficiency. And options such as Oracle’s VirtualBox and VMware Workstation have put the technology within reach of small business budgets. Here are some suggestions for how you can leverage the power of virtualization in your small business:
- Replace an old or unsupported machine.
- Create a system backup: A VM backup can help your business quickly get up to speed after a catastrophic hardware failure.
- Provide internal services: Virtualization makes it easy for businesses to setup an environment without having to purchase new hardware.
- Support Mobility: Set up a VM to serve as the Remote Desktop.
- Enhance security: Limit Web browsing activities to a virtual environment that has no access to sensitive files.
- Distribute apps without having to install them: Great way to ensure that your software demo will not fail due to missing drivers and code libraries.

Via Ashok Ramachandran, Matthew Currie