Business Process Management
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Business Process Improvement

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Blog sharing some content how to improve process efficiency.

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What's this about?

What's this about? | Business Process Management |

Explore the future of BPM!


Business Process Management, as a methodology and as a technology, is undergoing continual change – evolutionary and revolutionary, gradually and in innovative leaps.


What will the business process of the future look like? What will the BPM software tools of the future allow us to do?


Living Process is here to explore this futurescape, and to share and promote information about what is happening today that is moving BPM to its future state - where living processes comes to life.


Here’s where we can start: We’d like to see living processes be flexible, not rigid; easily changed while they are running; with some good feedback mechanisms to capture improvement suggestions at the moment they are perceived.


What does “living process” mean to you?


Suggest your own ideas, articles, blogs, tweets, videos, etc. And feel free to suggest relevant material from any source that piques your interest. Together we’ll explore what the future might hold for BPM.


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Pedro Sobreiro's insight:

Started following this today... two in a row and livingprocess..

Bonitasoft's comment, March 17, 2014 8:41 AM
Welcome Pedro! Happy to have you along!