**** Martin no likely, but this video should help me adjust to new Facebook timeline.

Anise Smith writes on her blog: "The new Facebook Timeline layout for brands will be going live March 30, 2012 ready or not so I thought I would find as much information as possible to get you prepared.

I found a great two part tutorial that I screen captured that really provides an amazing step by step walk through of Timeline for Brands.

I am pretty sure it will get you prepared to make your Timeline shine for your brand.

Take a look at the two videos below and they should answer EVERY question that you have about how Timeline will work for your brand."

Video 1 - Introduction: http://youtu.be/XviTuMKpNCk 

Video 2 - Timeline for Pages: http://youtu.be/eF1UDSPun4E 

Original article: http://anisesmith.info/detailed-video-tutorial-for-creating-an-awesome-facebook-timeline-for-your-brand  

Via Robin Good