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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Email Best "Off Peak" & What Does Trend Mean For Social Media Marketing? Experian Study

Email Best "Off Peak" & What Does Trend Mean For Social Media Marketing? Experian Study | BI Revolution |
Perhaps it's a case of standing out from the crowd. For the second consecutive year, a report from Experian Marketing Services [download page] covering Q4 email activity has
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Experian Study Email Open and Conversion Rates Best Off Peak
Send your email marketing when everyone else is and your response rates will suffer. The results of this study showing the off peak time of 8 to midnight converts the best reminds me of what a friend told me the other day.

My friend is a businesswoman mom and about ten other things. She explained that she likes to get in bed with her phone or tablet and curate her email. Most end up in the trash, but a great subject line or offer from a trusted source might get opened and might even prompt a buying decision.

The Experian study may have implications for blogging and social media marketing too. I've always been skeptical about the "right time" infographics that float around since they tend to form a consensus and I'm interested in avoiding the mob as much as possible.

VIral content goes viral for many reasons time of day may be one of them, but I doubt it. I think Experian's results should create a pause before we all pile on to creating Internet marketing lock stepped to some formula that doesn't work.  

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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

10 Ways To Make Your Infographic Cool, Connected and Viral from @AtDotComSocial [infographic]

10 Ways To Make Your Infographic Cool, Connected and Viral from @AtDotComSocial [infographic] | BI Revolution |
10 Rules That Make An Infographic Cool, Effective and Viral [INFOGRAPHIC]

Great Infographic from John van den Brink (@AtDotComSocial) about how to create Great info graphics. 

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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

How Storytelling Is The New SEO Went Viral Thanks to POWERFULL Friends

How Storytelling Is The New SEO Went Viral Thanks to POWERFULL Friends | BI Revolution |
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Storytelling Is The NEW SEO on SlideShare's home page (bottom row, 2nd from right thanks to Ally Greer for the alert :)

2200 + Views In A Day

Some will tell you it is impossible to have content go viral. That powerful forces control the viral headlands. They are (controlled by powerful forces), but it isn't (impossible to have content YOU create go viral).

Here is a blow by blow of how Story Telling Is The New SEO trended enough to be included on the cover of Slideshare today (something I know about from an alert from friends here @Scoopit, Storytelling is bottom row 2nd from right).


Storytelling Is The New SEO Story

I'm presenting Storytelling Is The New SEO tomorrow night at @1918's (Phil Buckley's) SEO Meetup (more info here:

I've been thinking about the "secret" implications of Google's algorithm changes. Navneet Panda helped Google see just how dirty our rooms have become and then they armed a Penguin to make sure we got the message and SEO life, as we knew it was OVER.

Storytelling as practiced by REI, Patagonia and others is the KEY to high engagement and Google is clear on want HIGH ENGAGEMENT from your content. 

VIRAL = Good To Have POWERFULL Friends
If you want to have your content go viral it is good to have powerful friends. Storytelling Is The New SEO started going viral because of The first shares came from my embed on Design Revolution. There are almost 400 shares from that embed as I write this.

I douibled down with Facebook, Twitter, G+, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Pinterest support, but got the ball rolling. Then, once Storytelling Is The Next SEO was trending Slideshare put it on their home page and blew it up (now over 2,300 views and 57 downloads).

I've had several posts go viral and there is always a powerful mentor in the loop. Storytelling proves, once again, it is important to have powerful friends (those you've met and know and others you may not know) to have content go viral. 


Will be presenting Storytelling Is The New SEO LIVE tomorrow night starting at 6:30 at Phil's SEO Meetup. Find event details here:  


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Contagious: Why Some Things Go VIRAL Jonah Berger [video]

We all know ideas and information spread through word of mouth. But according to Berger, the key to making things really popular happens long before it's dis...

Marty Note
What is the "science" behind social transmission? Only 7% of SHARES comes online. Vast majority of Word-of-Mouth happens face-to-face. Why do things get talked about and shared?

Half of what is in Tipping Point is WRONG. Focus so much on special people we ignore what is really important - the message. Need to understand the psychology of sharing.

Social Currency
Shares story of Please Don't Tell, the secret bar in NYC. Social currency effects how people see us. We like to share things that make us look smart and in the know. 

Why is Rebecca Black's video viral? over 300M views? Why? Triggers are stimulus that make us think about something else. Triggers make products, ideas or memes "Top of Mind".  Black, by calling her song Friday, linked to a trigger. 

Disneyland gets out viraled by Cheerios because we eat breakfast daily but only go to Disneyland every now and again. Corona has made the beach a trigger.

Coffee with Kit Kat messaging created a great trigger because you drink more coffee than you eat chocolate. By linking Kit Kat to coffee the trigger (coffee) makes people think about having chocolate.

Trojan Horses
All stories have a "surprise inside" like Will It Blend. A story or message that carries the brand for the ride. 

Berger's website and book link  

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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

The Viral Marketing Cheat Sheet

The Viral Marketing Cheat Sheet | BI Revolution |
Perhaps nothing is as effective and efficient in spreading your message as a viral marketing campaign. The idea behind viral marketing is to inspire people to spread your message for you.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Cool checklist for how to have your content go viral. Love "don't be neutral" since that is so hard to train out of corporations.

Poeple have no problem not being neutral. Companies want to please eveyrbody. Yeah, that day is GONE, so take a stand, have a voice tell us what you really think and so who you really are and we may just LOVE you back. 

Nat Sones's curator insight, March 26, 2013 12:11 PM

Creating #viral's like Douglas Adams' tips on flying: aim at the ground and miss. It's hard to force it. But there are some tips, and some great ones here. 

Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Famous Women Who Write Long More Likely To Go Viral [Wharton Study & SEOmoz)

Famous Women Who Write Long More Likely To Go Viral [Wharton Study & SEOmoz) | BI Revolution |
Not all great content goes viral, but content that does go viral is great. Although we can't guarantee that any piece of content will take the web by storm, we can make sure that a piece of content has what it takes.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Fascinating study of what kinds of content goes viral. Here are the topline suggestions:

* Longer is more likely to be shared.

* Longer is less likely to be commented on.

* Inspire anger, awe or anxiety.

* Be useful, surprising or interesting.

* Be a famous woman.

Funny since I've had 5 or 56 posts go mega viral and they are shorter (in the 500 word range) and not written by a woman. Every mega-viral post I've ever created did other things on this list including surf a hot topic, include humor and reference famous people or things (like Facebook). 

Added my Agree / Disagree list to G+:   

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