"6 "Could Tell You, But Have To Kill You" Internet Marketing Secrets Shared" - via Haiku Deck | BI Revolution | Scoop.it

These secrets are hard to share not because of how SECRET they are, but because of how automatic they become after Internet marketing for almost 15 years.

6 Internet Marketing Secrets
* use WordPress Themes.
* Solve Brand Conflicts.
* Tease Clicks Don't Drown Them.

* Test Video Marketing.
* Align Website Nonverbals.
* People and Stories Sell not Cool Tech.

This last bullet is the hardest to convince #startups and #smbs. Real estate agents want to show their MLS widget, the same widget every other real estate agent has. Startups want to show their widget.

PEOPLE and STORIES are what makes great website content because we BUY with EMOTION and JUSTIFY with LOGIC.