Big Data - Retail's Future Looks More Like Web  [+ Marty Note With Brother Drew] | BI Revolution |
Macy’s and Sears might not be psychics or fortune-tellers, but that doesn’t mean they can’t predict the future.

Marty Note
Retail predictive analytics is going to determine where salespeople stand, displays are constructed and sales end. Big data is coming to a store near you soon. In fact, soon the store is simply physical manifestation of the web. Here are a few of the implications of that idea brainstormed with my brother Drew who works for Southern Season:

* Store sets are more fluid changing daily if needed.
* New kinds of fixturing will be needed.

* Firewall between web and store won't exist.
* Showrooming will be made moot.
* Pricing with intelligent RFID-like tags will be dynamic.
* New in-store tech to facilitate pricing arbitrage.

* New in-store GPS will help shoppers find what they need.

* Promotions go real time and mobile via predictive analytics.

* Payment becomes more phone less credit card and NO cash.

* Intelligent merchandising systems fuse web-like reviews into retail.

Going to be Minority Report cool and all brought to you by a startup company near you.