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Imagine you’re locked in a tower. Better yet, imagine someone else is locked in a tower. Besides perhaps savoring the moment of schadenfreude that comes with locking someone in an imaginary tower, such visualization also yields some insights into how to our own creativity works. It turns out, we’re more creative when we’re solving the problems of others rather than our own.

Marty Note
Yes, solving our own problems is hard. I've been in marketing for 30 years starting with P&G and yet the person I market the worse is my first and most loyal client (me). I can outline, research and recommend for others all day long, but apply that to my stuff and well there goes another weekend.

Beyond solving the problems of others thinking of others does help create perspective. When I left Durham, North Carolina on a 3,000-mile bicycle ride across America in the summer of 2010 I bet my life on the kindness of strangers and was never disappointed, not once.

One quick story. When we were in Arkansas we couldn't stop on the side of the road and discuss the route without several people stopping to make sure we were all right and didn't need help. We had free lunches all the way across America and met hundreds who want a cure for cancer too.

Martins Ride To Cure Cancer

Via Thomas Menk, Torsten Flaegel