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Kudos and Thank You
Congratulations to friends at @Scoop.it for reaching 1,000,000 users. I don't know what my number is, but it can't be far from user #1. The story of my use of Scoop.it is fun, full of serendipity and magical.

One day Scoop.it founder Marc Rougier read a post of mine on Scenttrail Marketing (http://www.scenttrail.com/curation-the-next-web-revolution/and suggested I play with Scoop.it in beta. Several years, more than 138,000 views and many great friendships and business partners later THANK YOU seems a tiny thing next to the tremendous value Marc, Guillaume, Alley and the team at Scoop.it created for me :).

Thank You.

The more I use Scoop.it the more this magic wand of a tool feels like WHATS NEXT. Marc read my Curation Is The Next Web Revolution post (http://www.scenttrail.com/curation-the-next-web-revolution/ ) and made one of the best suggestions of my business life when he suggested I play with Scoop.it in early beta.

If curation felt like the next web revolution in early 2011 it feels MORE like that now as we work on creating CrowdFunde (http://www.crowdfunde.com) our #startup we hope is half as helpful as Scoop.it. Oh, and we have NEW FOUND respect for the hardest working engineers in content curation (this creating useful tools is NOT easy :).

Can't measure the importance of learning great content curation from the best in the world (Robin, Jan, Karen, Michele, Brian, Alley, Guilllaume). Feels like I've invested in a stock whose future is assured. Why?

Content curation is the key to content marketing after Mark Schaefer's "Content Shock" (http://www.businessesgrow.com/2014/01/06/content-shock/ ). Mark's important post carries two implications:

* Ability to test content before committing valuable and model owned properties will become a CSF (Critical Success Factor).
* Partnership and community will be how smaller publishers survive the web (i.e. Google's) move toward HUBES.

Scoop.it is a HUGE help with both of "content shock's" remedies. I love Mark's Content Shock post, but the content ship has sailed. We MUST create content. OUR content opens doors to community and THEIR content (User Generated Content UGC where the real gold of the NEW web resides).

Scoop.it's millionth user is an accomplishment, but not as much as creating a community of that size. Community may be the hardest thing to create known to man. There are SO MANY bear traps most who dream of reaching the 1,000,000 mark will fall into one of those traps.

Scoop.it has had moments too. When they eliminated views I was within a day of closing my account. I shared how I use Scoop.it views to know what content is trending. Trending = we should blog about it, so that data is critical to how we use Scoop.it. .

To Guillaume and his team's credit views where back within moments of my sharing how we used the fastest content marketing feedback in the west (lol). Congratulation to friends at Scoop.it for a job well done, for being smart enough to beat the odds and for being great friends, business partners and creative engineers.

Can't wait to see and use what is next. Marty