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Customers acquired with email marketing are loyal and responsive. See on socialmediatoday.com.

Marty - Funny I JUST wrote how email marketing forms the BASIS of the web's future. Want to know how your website will function 36 months from now (or so) you don't have to look much further than email. Here is the link to that post:


I will add to the persuasive argument made by this infographic about why everyone should have email. When I ran a #ecom team email had a full ten points of margin on its closest rival (organic SEO). PPC made NO MONEY but keep the engine well oiled and the list health (so we made money on Lifetime Value LTV). Print was dying and social was nascent.

Email is how I kept my job. Every company should have an active email marketing program since it makes money, but also because email is the future of it all.

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