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Rescooped by Martin (Marty) Smith from VanillaMakeRepair!

Developing Digital Literacy Through Content Curation

Developing Digital Literacy Through Content Curation | BI Revolution |
With the amount of content that is shared on the Internet every minute, it’s no surprise that many people feel overwhelmed by the quantity of information out there. This is why content curation is becoming an essential digital literacy skill for teachers and students.

Via Guillaume Decugis, Jan-Olof Steen
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Content curation is a great way to learn "the game"" of digital marketing. Filtering the world provides more reach, creates community faster and costs less than;...well any tactic we know. 

delmy's curator insight, November 10, 2015 7:27 PM

# sceuned15

T. Ryno's curator insight, November 13, 2015 5:13 AM

Content curation is certainly an important digital literacy skill, very useful for citizenship as a whole. An awesome tool to increase the current level of critical thinking. 

Janine Roy's curator insight, November 29, 2015 8:33 PM

Content curation has become an essential digital literacy skill for teachers and students.

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Haiku Deck By The Numbers: +2,716 Views In 6 Days! Over 64,000 Views, 4,000+ Views Average Top 10

Haiku Deck By The Numbers: +2,716 Views In 6 Days! Over 64,000 Views, 4,000+ Views Average Top 10 | BI Revolution |

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Haiku Deck Data
Slide decks create effective storytelling online. If your content marketing doesn't include slides it should. Here why:

# Haiku Decks: 36
Total Views: 64,504

Average Views: 1,709
Top 10 Average Views: 4,014
Top Deck Views: 7,548
Gain Last 6 Days: 2,762
vs. views? Haiku Deck +217%

Trending Haiku Decks:
Crowdfunding Tips From The Clash +260%
Gamify Content Marketing +109%
Invisible Giant of the New SEO +14%

Gamify was added to Haiku Decks' Featured area. Crowdfunding tips from The Clash was Tweeted and included on GooglePlus. None of the 36 Haiku Decks we've created came back with 0 new views (that's impressive). A week ago we wrote a Curagami post about Top Haiku Decks ( ) and provided a link to a spreadsheet with links to all decks ( ).

That post plus features by Haiku Deck in their two community galleries (Featured and Popular) produced almost 6,000 views. We've been talking about the need for a profile page to help promote all Haiku Decks and the team at Haiku is working on it.

That was the advantage we created by developing a page with links to all decks. We could share that single link and people could decide what decks interested them.

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Text Analytics For Everyone | UX Magazine

Text Analytics For Everyone | UX Magazine | BI Revolution |

The power of text analytics is now readily accessible through intuitive and openly available software. Running analysis is straightforward enough, as the examples in this article illustrate. However, the prerequisites of impactful insights haven’t changed. Proper problem definition, domain expertise, and stakeholder engagement are key to well-guided mining and actionable output—whether you’re improving a user interface or the broader user experience.


Via Luis Costa
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Thanks to @Luis Costa for this great Scoop. Was looking for something like this just the other day as we discussed ways to understand the sentiment of online reviews :). M

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Tour de Curagami - What's Your Score? #freereport via @Curagami

Tour de Curagami - What's Your Score? #freereport via @Curagami | BI Revolution |
We created Curagami to answer a single vexing question. What content should you create and why? Our Curagami Reports answer that question for you.
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Storytelling Is The New SEO via @CrowdFunde

Storytelling Is The New SEO via @CrowdFunde | BI Revolution |
Storytelling is the new SEO shares examples of how your website and online marketing can tell engaging stories to win the NEW SEO.
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Great Content Curation Tool BuzzSumo: Discover Most Shared Links & Key Influencers

Great Content Curation Tool BuzzSumo: Discover Most Shared Links & Key Influencers | BI Revolution |
BuzzSumo allows you to discover the most shared links and key influencers for any topic. It's free to use and you can run a search in seconds!
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Wow, love BuzzSumo and what a friend to content curators. BuzzSumo organizes the firehose of content and shares the most shared links and key influencers BY keyword search. This morning I typed in marketing and found an amazing post from The Next Web about emotions in marketing. GREAT tool for content curators.

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17 Great Curation Teachers On & What Is A Curation Collision

17 Great Curation Teachers On & What Is A Curation Collision | BI Revolution |

Curation Collisions Create SURPRISE & Surprise Matters
We are OLD even when we are young now. There is no way to remain YOUNG for very long with so much information chasing us. The next generation lives on their phones the one after may be searching the web and emailing as they look through their Google Glass. CEO @Guillaume Decugismade an interesting offhand suggestion about curation to me a few weeks ago. Guillaume noted how important curation becomes when we slouch toward the point when everything that ever NEEDS to be written has been written.

Guillaume means what I call "rich snippet" curation or content curation where the hand of the curator is present and accounted for. This is the kind of curation many great teacher helped me learn over the past few years - a skill that feels increasingly important in a way that reminds me of how I felt about SEO before there was a new sheriff in town named Navneet Panda.

We learn best by DOING and this GooglePlus post says THANKS to kind and patient teachers who you should FOLLOW on Scoopit  and learn content curaiton too:

@Robin Good

@Ally Greer

@Ana Cristina Pratas

@ janlgordon

@Brian Yanish -

@Dr. Karen Dietz


@Thomas Faltin

@Jeff Domansky

@Alex Butler

@The Fish Firm

@massimo facchinetti

@Giuseppe Mauriello

@Mariano Pallottini

@Jesús Hernández

@Guillaume Decugis

Martin (Marty) Smith's comment, February 10, 2014 3:35 PM
Thanks to one of my most inspiring curators for his kind and generous note. Thanks @Brian Yanish -
janlgordon's comment, February 10, 2014 9:09 PM
Marty, thank you for including me on this list of talented curators. You definitely belong on here, You have been a great teacher to me and so many others. Your curation is an outstanding example to anyone who wants to learn how to do this right. You are also a master at marketing and promotion of your work and that of others. You are one of the most generous people I've ever met and I thank you once again.
Bookmarking Librarian's curator insight, February 20, 2014 11:27 PM

Education and digital curation

Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Widgets - Why Creating A Content Network With Widgets Is A Blue Ocean via @HaikuDeck

Widgets - Why Creating A Content Network With Widgets Is A Blue Ocean via @HaikuDeck | BI Revolution |
Creating a distributed content network with widgets is a vast blue ocean of low cost, high reward Internet marketing today. Won't be that way for long.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Writing a post for ScentTrail Marketing about widgetizing content marketing and wanted a quick @HaikuDeck to help explain. Why more Internet marketing teams aren't using widgets to create a conent network they OWN, can speak to directly and that provides instant feedback is beyond me. 

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Circles Of Concern vs Control - Why Mainstream Media Is Junk Food

Circles Of Concern vs Control - Why Mainstream Media Is Junk Food | BI Revolution |

How much time do you spend consuming information that you have no intention of taking action on or that you don’t care deeply about?

Via Kenneth Mikkelsen, midmarketplace
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Love this post as it reinforces why I'm so careful with my consumption of mainstream media. Once I heard "cancer" and my name in the same sentence I knew curating my head was going to be critical. "All energy to shields," was kind of how I thought of it.

Victor Jimenez's curator insight, November 22, 2013 4:30 PM

Agreed! Curate yourself!

"The world doesn’t need more people who mindlessly digest whatever information is around. What the world needs are people who learn with purpose, who take action on the things that are important to them, and who seek out high quality information as a way to spark creativity — not as an excuse to consume even more."

- James Clear

Karen Bowden's curator insight, November 25, 2013 1:48 PM

Hint:  You want to focus on the Circle of Control.

Rescooped by Martin (Marty) Smith from AtDotCom Social media!

The Role of Curation in Content Marketing

Presentation by Lisa Rhodes of Verne Global, and Pawan Deshpande, CEO of Curata. Published on SlideShare in April 2013.


"There's a good reason why content curation is such a hot topic these days: It works! Explore real-world examples of how leading B2B marketers identify, find, organize and share relevant content with their core markets via content curation, and learn why curation delivers strong ROI for today's marketing organizations."


Original Presentation on SlideShare:


Via Giuseppe Mauriello, John van den Brink
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Excellent Slideshare on the curation and marketing. 

Adam Donkus's curator insight, May 9, 2013 1:21 PM

Curation sites are becoming hugely important in our online marketing campaigns. Additionally, often times blog posts that are nothing more than a list of currated links on a certain niche tend to do really well.

Luke Hancock - H&H Social Design's curator insight, May 13, 2013 4:13 PM

Interesting take to curate content of your competitors or curating content that offers a different editorial from your content. I do agree, it will lend to you being more of a thoughts leader without the agenda. 


The presentation picks up a lot of steam with their curation tips in the final third of the slides. Enjoy

Rescooped by Martin (Marty) Smith from Content curation trends!

Be A GREAT Content Curator: 6 Content Curation Tips From @ScentTrail and @Gdecugis

Be A GREAT Content Curator: 6 Content Curation Tips From @ScentTrail and @Gdecugis | BI Revolution |

"once you start gathering content to share, you begin to realize it’s a bit more complicated than you thought. It takes a bit of focus and creativity to find good content and then organise it."

Via Guillaume Decugis
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Backing Into Great Content Curation Greatness
Since the goal of every Internet marketing team should be creating a sustainable system of content marketing with an ever increasing return let's agree on a few important curation ideas: 

* Curation creates more reach faster than creation.

* Creation is still important, > than 20% is risky. 
* Curation is never random, strongest clearly themed.

* Scale means you do more with less, so scale = ROI.

* Real time is where the HEAT of content curation lives.

* The more you curate the better at it you become.


The second bullet is ironic. Even gurus I LOVE tire me out when they don't pick up other people's threads or react to mine. "Tire me out" is another way of saying I leave and reduce advocacy. 

This means EVEN if you have resources needed to create 90% and only curate 10% I would NEVER suggest that as a winning strategy. Create more than 20% and you risk "talking to yourself about yourself". I've come to the conclusion that the optimal ratio is 90% curation to 10% creation, but Argyle Social did a somewhat related study that came down 50% creation (promotion of your own stuff) and 50% curation. 

I think promotion is different than either curation or creation, so let's put that study aside for the moment.  

1. Define Your Curation THEME
Note that I use the singular "theme". Any beginning content plan should focus on ONE meme; one idea set, and devote all energy to that single theme. Don't go too broad either. Not Internet Marketing, but Internet Marketing / Email Marketing (if you are @Bronto) or Internet Marketing / New Ecom (if you are @Atlanticbt my employer). 

2. Research Your Theme's Ecosystem - Picking Gurus 
Who are the gurus of your theme? How social are these gurus? Do they respond when use @GURU? Pick a mix bag of 5 gurus to follow with 3 in the "approachable" camp and 2 in the uber-guru camp (pick the two with either the biggest following or that are most aligned to your thinking or both). 


3. Create A Content Map For Your Theme

Use the 10% creation and 90% curation rule to guide what kind of content you create and put where. Creation is best on OWNED properties. Curation moves easily between OWNED and SHARED (social nets). Don't only do ONE or the other tactic exclusively on one platform. Mix it up. Create short blog posts that are hybrid curation. Create themed Tweets that are almost like a blog post in 20 tweets. Others would tell you to use a blog to do X and a tweet to do Y. I disagree, surprise and serendipity keeps your content marketing alive. 

4. Create A Schedule, Stick To It
Leave 20% of your plan for "response", but do create s publishable schedule of daily, weekly or monthly features. Schedules = TRUST and you can never have enough trust. If you miss a scheduled date explain why and, "Dog ate my homework," is not a good excuse. 

5. Schedule Reviews & Summary Presentations
Watch 5 Key Performance indicators every single day of the MACRO (traffic) and MICRO (forms completed by Google visitors on keyword X) variety. Schedule a quarterly review with senior management since that too creates trust and makes you SMARTER due to the preparation and questions you will need to answer. 

6. Practice, Practice and Practice More
How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, Practice, Practice. The old cliché is true. Yes it will take getting used to the idea your "practice" is seen by OTHERS, but get used to it. I use as my practice field. I allow for a higher degree of errors (WHEN is going to add spell check for God's sake :) and stumbles because is about FEEDBACK and SPEED in our ecosystem. 

When something looks PRIME TIME on I tighten down the bolts (i.e. hire my great editor) and increase the investment. I move a longer and more keyword dense take to our owned properties such as our blog or website.

Our process doesn't have to be yours since there are infinite variations on the curation theme. The important idea is to curate a LOT of content daily, define a platform that is your "practice field" and always increase the speed of curation while reducing errors and increasing shares (what you are curating for).  

BTW, learned these tips from GREAT curators such as @RobinGood and @maxOz and others I listed on Google Plus: 

Link is to an excellent Guillaume post linked to another great curation post. 

Guillaume Decugis's curator insight, March 1, 2013 7:54 PM

Sarah Arrow gives interesting tips in that post but the bigger point she makes is that content curation requires some organization and works best when integrated within a workflow that makes it easy. Whether you're using organized RSS feeds, iPad readers like Flipboard or platforms like, the whole system should make it efficient for you to scan through content without distraction and publish your best picks in a way that feels natural. 

And as I commented on her blog post, I’m a big believer of using your idle time for curating content using your mobile: on top of making this time useful, the mobile platform also addresses the “Shiny Object” temptation she's describing and unchains content curation. Don’t you find the smaller screen and the use of the mobile format lots of blogs and media are now using also helps being less distracted and more focused?

Neil Ferree's curator insight, March 2, 2013 4:20 PM

A good Read on what you need to know before you launch your 2013 Content Marketing strategy. You can see the Top 5 CM Planning Guides by Click Here or just Google DiY Conent Marketing

Maddog Social Media's comment, March 6, 2013 12:34 PM
Martin, thank you so much!
Rescooped by Martin (Marty) Smith from Content Curation World!

Curators Create Metadata For An Emerging Collective Intelligence [+Robin Good Note]

Curators Create Metadata For An Emerging Collective Intelligence [+Robin Good Note] | BI Revolution |

Robin Good: Participatory culture writer and book author Henry Jenkins interviews cyberculture pioneer Howard Rheingold (Net Smart, 2012) by asking him to explain some of the concepts that have helped him become a paladin of the  and "new literacies" so essential for survival in the always-on information-world we live in today.

This is part three of a long and in-depth interview (Part 2, Part 1) covering key concepts and ideas as the value of "community" and "networks", the architecture of participation, affinity working spaces, and curation.

Here is a short excerpt of Howard response to a question about curation and its value as both a “fundamental building block” of networked communities and as an important form of participation:

Howard Rheingold: " the fundamental level, curation depends on individuals making mindful and informed decisions in a publicly detectable way.

Certainly just clicking on a link, “liking” or “plussing” an item online, adding a tag to a photograph is a lightweight element that can be aggregated in valuable ways (ask Facebook).

But the kind of curation that is already mining the mountains of Internet ore for useful and trustworthy nuggets of knowledge, and the kind that will come in the future, has a strong literacy element.

Curators don’t just add good-looking resources to lists, or add their vote through a link or like, they summarize and contextualize in their own words, explicitly explain why the resource is worthy of attention, choose relevant excerpts, tag thoughtfully, group resources and clearly describe the grouping criteria."

In other words, "curators" are the ones creating the metadata needed to empower our emerging collective intelligence.

Curation Is The Social Choice About What Is Worth Paying Attention To.

Good stuff. In-depth. Insightful. 8/10

Full interview:

Via Robin Good
Shaz J's comment, September 3, 2012 3:20 AM
You're welcome :)

It's interesting interesting that you mention POV and stance, as that is not something I had explicitly articulated for myself, but naturally it must be implicitly true. In that sense, it reminds me (again) that curation forces self-reflection in order to present the content better, and that can only be a good thing.
Liz Renshaw's comment, September 8, 2012 9:57 PM
Agree with posts about curation guiding self reflection. This interview in particular is top value and two of my fav people indeed.
Andrew McRobert's curator insight, August 19, 2014 8:43 AM

8. This links a series of three interviews quite lengthy but there is some insightful information for the novice in the digital information age. There is video links within the article, including a great question and answer with Robin Good on curation. The video brings a balance to this inclusion.

Rescooped by Martin (Marty) Smith from Curation, Social Business and Beyond!

Marketers Must Become Curators to Help Internet Users Who Are Drowning in Data

Marketers Must Become Curators to Help Internet Users Who Are Drowning in Data | BI Revolution |

This piece was written by Jean-Paul De Clerck for Selligent. I selected it because it reconfirms what we already know as consumers of content and as content marketers trying to reach their audiences.  

Magnify's  "Digital Lifestyle" research shows that it's becoming more difficult for so-called professional web users to:

**cope with the stream of communication and

**to distinguish essential information from less important information.

A massive tidal wave in figures

**64% of the participants said that the information they receive had increased over 50% in comparison to the previous year

**Nearly 73% of the respondents described the information overload with superlative terms souch as a "roaring river" or a massive tital wave

It is simply becoming more difficult for people to filter information. And it's very important to realize that this is not caused by technology only, and that it will not be solved by technology.

**In their interactions with consumers and customers, companies have a responsibility to make it as easy and valuable as possible for people.

Here are some takeaways:

**Simplify your cross-channel messaging: improve and personalize your communication

**Marketers must ensure that their messages are targeted and synchronized.

**They should avoid overlapping communication and marketing fatigue. Read white paper 

**They should also let people choose their own communication channels more.

**Provide alternatives, because people will increasingly search for them in their quest for coping with information.

Curated by Jan Gordon covering "Content Curation, Social Business and Beyond"

Read full article here: []

Curatti was founded to address this issue and much more. Please visit us at our fan page.

Via janlgordon
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Content Curation: 7 Reasons Why You Must via @HaikuDeck

Content Curation: 7 Reasons Why You Must via @HaikuDeck | BI Revolution |

We shocked a SEO Meetup suggesting 90% curation to 10% content creation. This deck explains why you MUST curate content. Content curation is a CSF (Crtical Success Factor) for online marketing.

7 Reasons You Must Curate Content
* Can't Create Sustainable Online Community Without Curating.
* Reach.
* Costs.
* Digitally Listening (is different).
* Authority.
* Tribes.
* Sustainable Online Community (so important its worth two listings).

Content curation is how you TEST and so protect your site's content creation. Content curation lowers your content creation costs and insures your current SEO ranks. Bet you agree, after flipping through this Hailku Deck (slides) content curation is a CSF (Critical Success Factor) for digital marketing.

Promise to follow with a deck on our favorite tools for content curation with @Scoop.itat the top of the list.

WOW, over 500 views in six hours thanks to Haiku Deck making Content Curation: 7 Reasons You Must a Featured Deck:

Go directly to the deck

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Crowdfunding & Gamification = New Online Marketing Channel via @HaikuDeck

Crowdfunding & Gamification = New Online Marketing Channel via @HaikuDeck | BI Revolution |
Crowdfunding's real explosion will come at the enterprise level when combined with advanced loyalty and gamification.

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

add your insight...

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A Brief History of Social Listening: Tools & Tips To Listen Better via @cendrinemedia

A Brief History of Social Listening: Tools & Tips To Listen Better via @cendrinemedia | BI Revolution |

Marty Note - Digital Listening Is Different
Cendrine and I are having a great conversation on G+ about the nature of listening online. Cendrine's great post shares TIps and Tools so you can become a tuned online listener. 

Great post. Here is what I shared on G+:

Are You Listening...Digitally?
Digital #listening  is different. Conversations provide nonverbal clues missing online, but online provides other kinds of clues. Online clues are easy to walk by without even knowing you just missed a clue. 

Examples of missed online clues abound and include:

* Small Follow Back % (sends "we don't listen" signal). 
* Pushing only YOUR content (need to act less proprietarily to become or act as an #authority ).
* Not curating or rewarding #ugc  (User Generated Content).
* Not responding to @yourtwitter mentions with RTs and thanks.
* Not responding to direct @yourtwitter messages.
* Not responding to Twitter DMs in a timely way (can be made worse by not following enough people to be able to DM).
* Not being present on a major social net (like +Google+ ).
* Not asking questions & then curating response.

Could go on and on, but you get the idea. LISTENING online is different and few do it well. 

FIND G+ Conversation  

Cendrine Marrouat -'s comment, July 9, 2014 10:19 PM
Thank you @Martin (Marty) Smith! A great conversation indeed!
Rescooped by Martin (Marty) Smith from Surviving Social Chaos!

How To Build A Social Media Marketing Funnel [INFOGRAPHIC]

How To Build A Social Media Marketing Funnel [INFOGRAPHIC] | BI Revolution |
How can you use social media to boost your brand?

Via Brian Yanish -, donhornsby
Brianne Mellon's curator insight, May 7, 2014 10:44 AM

How to use social media to boost your brand. Good visuals! This post really speaks for itself. 

EZSelect's curator insight, May 7, 2014 2:34 PM

Very good layout showing who's using which social media channels.

Luis Cano's curator insight, May 25, 2014 6:35 PM

Social media marketing funnel...

Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Slideshare The Visual Marketing SEO RPG - NEW @Scoopit BLOW IT UP Study

Slideshare The Visual Marketing SEO RPG - NEW @Scoopit BLOW IT UP Study | BI Revolution | Study
I've often thought Slideshare was the great underutilized weapon of content marketing. Thinking that and having the data to prove are two different things.

Thanks to the team at we now have the data to prove what I've FELT. In an extensive study the team shifted my thinking on Slideshare.

Always knew Slideshare was POWERFUL SEO VooDoo because I've had several decks BLOW UP such as: 
Absolute #1 position on "Storytelling is the new SEO" and has been top ranked for over a year. 
This deck held on for a year and has slide out of ranking now.

You don't get much more SEO competitive than "Storytelling is the New SEO" and "Content Marketing Network so personal validation supports the team's great work here.

The other paradigm they shifted for me today was thinking of Slideshare as an important "visual marketing" tool. Decks are LEAN, FAST and VIRAL so great ways to share and build authority and traffic. Just wish I could get my Slideshare profile styled better. Anyone know the secret sauce for that?

Great work Scoopiteers!  

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How To Curate Interests Not Just Specialties Part 2 via @janlgordon |Angela Dunn

How To Curate Interests Not Just Specialties Part 2 via @janlgordon |Angela Dunn | BI Revolution |
Angela Dunn of Permamarks explains how to curate interests and people to share deeply for lifelong learning and serendipity. Content curation.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Great Curatti post from Angela Dunn about curating for engagement - curate broadly, use tools like Topsy and G+ and follow passion (you and your audience).

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2014 Internet Marketing Trends Mashup - New Pinterest Board

2014 Internet Marketing Trends Mashup - New Pinterest Board | BI Revolution |

Writing a new piece about what is trending in 2014 and created a new ScentTrail Pinterest board to help pin the "trending elephants".

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G+ One of 5 "Secret" and Disruptive Content Curation Tools - Atlantic BT

G+ One of 5 "Secret" and Disruptive Content Curation Tools - Atlantic BT | BI Revolution |

5 Secret & Disruptive Content Curation Tools
* Haiku Deck.
* Pinterest.
* GooglePlus.

Martin W. Smith on GPlus

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Even GREAT Content Creators Should Curate More

Even GREAT Content Creators Should Curate More | BI Revolution |

There is a creation myth that we often hear when it comes to content marketing. It tells us that in order to provide value with the content we produce, we need to create answers to questions. We need to create continually updated events, articles, videos, or images. Create, create, create. But creation is hard.

Via Stefano Principato, massimo facchinetti
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Creation Is Hard
I love that line from this great Scoop by Massimo Facchinetti. This post is a great companion to my ScentTrail Social Mentions Study (just posted to Curation Revolution

I shocked my friend @1918's SEO Meetup recently by suggesting the best ratio of content curation to creation is 90% curation to 10% creation. There was an audible gasp in the room.

I explained that curation has greater reach. For every minute of creation you get 3x as much out of using that same minute to curate. I create a lot of content, but, as my companion post proves, even I don't generate as much content as the daily mentions @ScentTrail receives.


Content gets shared. Here's the rub and the BIG reason my ratio is set to 90% curation - your are statically more likely to get shares with curated content. Since shares are a content marketing CSF (Critical Success Factor) and what we are playing for curation wins.

Why? I used to work for direct marketing catalogers (when I was a Director of Ecommerce). They taught me to always double down on winners and let losers go. Curation allows you to select content THAT IS ALREADY WINNING.

When I write something I'm betting it will be shared. When I see a great post by Brian Yanish (@MarketingHits), Robin Good (@RobinGood) or Michele Smorgon (@Maxoz) I know their extensive networks of supporters means high shares are likely. With a tool like I can also see the shares.

The irony is I hardly EVER look at existing shares to decide what content to share. I think in terms of WHO first. I have a group of about 50 friends I trust and I have a group of about 5 topics that are near and dear to me. When a friend shares something cool in one of my 5 interest areas I share it.

I agree with this post. Even if you can't CREATE you can CURATE. Even if you CAN create you SHOULD CURATE :). M


Stefano Principato's curator insight, July 12, 2013 1:48 AM

Content Curation is a term that describes the act of finding, grouping, organizing, or sharing the best and most relevant content on a specific issue.


Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

7 Ideas That Matter from

7 Ideas That Matter from | BI Revolution |

Not sure if Scooping @Scoopit content endangers the Space / Time continuum or not, but this is a great summary page of several highly influential articles (several of which I've already Scooped). is eating their own dog food here by curating, re-contextualizing and making it easy to find the second act for already existing content - STEAL THAT.  

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Marty's Content Curation Secret: Women's Magazines

Marty's Content Curation Secret: Women's Magazines | BI Revolution |
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

I have a secret. I learned how to curate content, at least partially, from women's magazines. You remember those colorful monthly blasts of perfume samples and 8 Ways To Shock Your Lover?

Idea starved we would hit Barnes and Noble and pick up $100 in Elle, Redbook, Vogue and Cosmo. Women's publications know how to SINK a hook such as these recent hooks from Allure:

* 31 Party Hairstyles (note seasonality).

* 10 Sexiest Fragrances Right Now.

* 12 Beauty Gifts Under $50.

* 3 Beauty Tips To Survive Hangovers.

This piece got WAY too long for I moved it over to Atlantic BT's Blog:

Marty's Content Curation Secret  


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Content Curation Madness

Content Curation Madness | BI Revolution |

Despite flunking French I can remember enough to know this social media infographic is a very cool top-of-funnel look into the black hole that is social media marketing :). Marty

Via ►Franck GAUTIER◄, @AnneDiscart, michel verstrepen
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