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Social Media Trends 2014 | Video

Social Media Trends 2014 | Video | BI Revolution |

The social media trends in the US for 2014: twitter, snaptchat, instagram, Vine...

Marty Note
Cool video but MUTE it before you play it (horrible music) and don't be doing three things at once since great stats fly by fast.

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Are Apps The Future of Book Publishing?

Are Apps The Future of Book Publishing? | BI Revolution |
More publishers are coming out with e-book apps that provide content for tablets well beyond just words on a page. Is this the future of publishing?

***** Not sure about "apps" but know the mobile delivery system will. Marty
Via Màrius Garcia
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10 BI Trends For 2014 & 2015 via @TDWI [5 from @CrowdFunde)

10 BI Trends For 2014 & 2015 via @TDWI [5 from @CrowdFunde) | BI Revolution |

Marty Note - 10 BI Trends
Business Intelligence is breaking out all over. It is as if we've reached some magic tipping point where things that were hard are not easier and our BI imagination is being sparked as a result. Here are 10 BI trends for this year and next (6 - 20 are from team at )

* Enterprise gets a handle on unstructured "Big Data".

* Search Will Improve Dramatically (agree).
* Mobility becomes bi-directional (you GET and GIVE via mobile).

* Enterprises come to terms with Big Data.

* Analytics Tools Vendors see importance of FAST and EASY.

CrowdFunde's Additions

* New Key Performance Indicators helps connect traffic and lead gen to conversion (what we are working on at ).

* How Social Media is changing everything become more clear (less search, more mobile and social).

* Expect a new flurry of crowdsoure apps.
* Expect more gamification for engagement and loyalty.
* Loyalty becomes LESS fickle as brands discover how to BE online creating community that wins hearts, minds, engagement and loyalty.

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