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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Scoopit vs Wordpress: And The Winner Is... via Curagmai

Scoopit vs Wordpress: And The Winner Is... via Curagmai | BI Revolution |

. Crushes
The team has done an amazing job. Their content curation tool anticipates what is going to happen next beautifully as a stat we found by accident proves. 

How does compare to Wordpress?

We wrote and Scooped a post on the 5 Reasons We Are Leaving Wordpress ( ) earlier. As we shared that post in our Web Design Revolution feed ( ) we wondered  how the tools would compare. 

As we noted in our post the comparison isn't straight up. We've used longer, but we've put more time into Wordpress  since 2014 (by far). So differences in usage may be moot, but results sure are not.

Results speak to many things including the "lean marketing" and critical role content curation plays in our marketing future as @Guillaume Decugis and the team preach. The biggest win is in the TIME to RESULT ratio. is a snowball rolling down hill now. 

Momentum and good friends such as @massimo facchinetti, @malek , @Ana Cristina Pratas @Cendrine Marrouat - and @John van den Brink (to name only a few) mean what any content marketer needs most - a supportive tribe of advocates - we have...on Not so much on Wordpress. 

How does compare on our 5 Reasons We're Leaving Wordpress?

* Spam - Had some in the beginning, but @Marc Rougier Guillaume and the team CRUSHED spam now threatening to choke WP. 

* Unrealized Promise - under promised and over delivered vs. Wordpress

* Bad SEO - Our first feed, Content Revolution ( ) has fallen to #6 after owning #1 on Curation Revolution for years.  I'm to blame here. since I put so much time into Wordpress (who knew :).

* Crap Overload - is BUILT to filter the web's CRAP into effective content curation with tools such as their keyword based spider and community suggestions. FILTERS CRAP into meaningful content with ROI attached.  

* Multi-platform Content Curation - That phrase describes's mission so they CRUSH WP here too. 

No matter how you cut the stats, content curation beats blogging and crushes Wordpress (period, full stop).

malek's curator insight, February 26, 2016 4:42 PM

When stats confirm anecdotal evidence:

Good job @Martin (Marty) Smith , you nailed it, I had the same Scoop-it-first, feeling, and here you come with numbers and case for  It's all about shared interests (what you rightly called, tribe of advocates) and friendly platform. Thank you for mention

Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

G+ One of 5 "Secret" and Disruptive Content Curation Tools - Atlantic BT

G+ One of 5 "Secret" and Disruptive Content Curation Tools - Atlantic BT | BI Revolution |

5 Secret & Disruptive Content Curation Tools
* Haiku Deck.
* Pinterest.
* GooglePlus.

Martin W. Smith on GPlus

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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

How Storytelling Is The New SEO Went Viral Thanks to POWERFULL Friends

How Storytelling Is The New SEO Went Viral Thanks to POWERFULL Friends | BI Revolution |
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Storytelling Is The NEW SEO on SlideShare's home page (bottom row, 2nd from right thanks to Ally Greer for the alert :)

2200 + Views In A Day

Some will tell you it is impossible to have content go viral. That powerful forces control the viral headlands. They are (controlled by powerful forces), but it isn't (impossible to have content YOU create go viral).

Here is a blow by blow of how Story Telling Is The New SEO trended enough to be included on the cover of Slideshare today (something I know about from an alert from friends here @Scoopit, Storytelling is bottom row 2nd from right).


Storytelling Is The New SEO Story

I'm presenting Storytelling Is The New SEO tomorrow night at @1918's (Phil Buckley's) SEO Meetup (more info here:

I've been thinking about the "secret" implications of Google's algorithm changes. Navneet Panda helped Google see just how dirty our rooms have become and then they armed a Penguin to make sure we got the message and SEO life, as we knew it was OVER.

Storytelling as practiced by REI, Patagonia and others is the KEY to high engagement and Google is clear on want HIGH ENGAGEMENT from your content. 

VIRAL = Good To Have POWERFULL Friends
If you want to have your content go viral it is good to have powerful friends. Storytelling Is The New SEO started going viral because of The first shares came from my embed on Design Revolution. There are almost 400 shares from that embed as I write this.

I douibled down with Facebook, Twitter, G+, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Pinterest support, but got the ball rolling. Then, once Storytelling Is The Next SEO was trending Slideshare put it on their home page and blew it up (now over 2,300 views and 57 downloads).

I've had several posts go viral and there is always a powerful mentor in the loop. Storytelling proves, once again, it is important to have powerful friends (those you've met and know and others you may not know) to have content go viral. 


Will be presenting Storytelling Is The New SEO LIVE tomorrow night starting at 6:30 at Phil's SEO Meetup. Find event details here:  


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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

7 Ways to Screw Up a Content Marketing Plan [+ How Marty Uses]

7 Ways to Screw Up a Content Marketing Plan [+ How Marty Uses] | BI Revolution |

Content marketing is all the rage. Not only can it help expand your brand’s recognition and increase your traffic, it can be a powerful SEO benefit too.

Marty Note
Yeah been there and done a few of these, but the idea everything you create is going to go mega-viral creating LOVE and JOY throughout the land is crazy. If your content was that magical you would be on a beach with a frosty beverage and I would be runing to get you a towel (lol) or be your intern.

How I Use
The way you create GREAT content is to create enough content so that you know what greatness is and get to bat enough times to hit 3 or 4 out of ten out of the park. Here is how I use to increase my chances for success in content marketing:

* Testing ground
** Failure:

* Almost instant feedback loop.

* Trend analysis.

** Use's solid and visual analytics.
* Proving Ground.

** If can't make it in idoesn't hit our blogs.

* Amplifier.
** If something pops offland (not on include it.
* Idea Expansion.

This last bullet may be the most important. Since 10 - 20 of the best Internet marketers I know live in (@RobinGood, @Maxoz @SmallRivers team @gtpintado @MarketingHits @Kdietz @AtDotComSocial @JanLGordon and @MikeEllsworth just to name the ones that come immediately to mind) getting help with idea expansion is a key way to use

I LISTEN to what any of these power curators / Internet marketers think about an idea. I change ideas when they share alternatives and I appreciate and value every interaction. These are some of the best IMers in the world so BUSY dosn't begin to describe them.

The best way to eliminate these 7 content marketing mistakes is to make them (lol), and then develop a process of tool mashup that will help you avoid making the same mistakes twice.

John van den Brink's comment, November 27, 2012 4:36 PM
Marty thank you very much for the mention. Very much appreciated
Mike Ellsworth's comment, November 27, 2012 11:26 PM
Marty, thanks lots for the shoutout! And such distinguished company!
Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Scoopit, Google+ Spark the Conversation Revolution

Scoopit, Google+ Spark the Conversation Revolution | BI Revolution |

Own conversations own the traffic. makes it easier to own conversations by combining with Google+ to speed change from "sites" and to conversations.

Forces blowing the web apart:

* Ubiquitous #mobileweb .
* #socialmediamarketing
* #COPE (Create Once Publish Everywhere).
* #video .
* Appification of the web.
* #cloudcomputing .
* Scaling social nets and tools.

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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith! AND More Powerful Together Than Either Alone AND More Powerful Together Than Either Alone | BI Revolution |
Why is Scoop It Kicking Paper Li's Rear End?

Isn't it the same concept? You create your own online newspaper. Why is Scoop It generating so much more…
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight: + Scoopit Better Then Either Alone
This link is to a thread on Google Plus, but it represents a dangerous way of thinking about Internet marketing. There is an active thread about @Scoopit vs. in an either or way.

I don't believe in "either or" much. As an Internet marketer I believe in "X and Y" especially when both X and Y provide different benefits. Here is what I just wrote on Google Plus:

"I like the hands on nature of and the hands off nature of's model is constructed off of existing followers. Every now and again I tune my I do this by adding and subtracting feeds. I watch the changes for a few days to see if I have the mix I want and then let it play. is HIGHLY DYNAMIC so how I mix my feed salad today is no guarantee of anything tomorrow. At a macro level feeds tend to wobble in the same general space, so there is some predictability about the content mix...some.

I also use the manual tool when I want to build specific content into my paper.'s efficiency has to be greater than due to the feeds, but that efficiency also means the tuning sensitivity isn't as high as a curator's ability to manually curates a magazine.

I know I am more powerful content marketer and curator because I use both and I also know my friends at Small Rivers and well enough to know they are working on cool new things as I write this."

Anything I can use to create engagement and advantage needs to be used and these tools compliment each other so much there is no doubt any Internet marketers creations or curation is made stronger by using them in concert with one another.


Jesse Wojdylo's thread on Google Plus with my comments:

This conversation keeps getter better. Here is the latest question and my answer:

+Kia Slade No, Kia I like Storify for pasting together blog-like stories. When I use Storify I tell more stories. When I use I curate content and I curate feeds into a coherent self sustaining "daily".

Best way to get a sense of the difference is to look at how differently I use all three:

Scoopit Revolutions are here:

Here was my first "magazine" Curation Revolution:

ScentTrail Daily



Newest to Storify so haven't gotten my mind around its UI yet, but it beckons a diary-like storytelling format supplemented with strong visuals and links kind of like a Delicious on steroids.

Hope these examples help. All GREAT tools with real curation and creation power. Marty
Brad Tollefson's curator insight, May 22, 2013 8:28 PM

Looking into ...

Kelly Hungerford's comment, June 13, 2013 4:26 AM
Howard, can you point me to your how-to? Much appreciated.
Kelly Hungerford's comment, June 13, 2013 4:30 AM
Dolly,thanks for your comment. Indeed for someone who truly want so collect and add commentary, is the service. And I would even go as far as to say to tell as story, then Storify.
Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

7 Ideas That Matter from

7 Ideas That Matter from | BI Revolution |

Not sure if Scooping @Scoopit content endangers the Space / Time continuum or not, but this is a great summary page of several highly influential articles (several of which I've already Scooped). is eating their own dog food here by curating, re-contextualizing and making it easy to find the second act for already existing content - STEAL THAT.  

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