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Rescooped by Miklos Szilagyi from Coaching Leaders!

Seven Things Leaders Can Learn from Bill Clinton About Connecting with People

Seven Things Leaders Can Learn from Bill Clinton About Connecting with People | Business Coaching |

Most Presidents are more popular out of office than in. In Clinton’s case, he likely gets a lot of credit for the work he’s doing through his Foundation. He also does a lot of public appearances and is a master communicator and connector.

Earlier this week, I got to see exactly how much of a master he is when President Clinton spoke to a packed house for the Los Angeles World Affairs Council. For just under 90 minutes, Clinton held an audience of 1,500 people rapt as he answered questions on everything from Ebola to education to Putin to what his most favorite thing was about being President (that last question was submitted by the moderator’s 4th grade son).

There were a lot of things I noticed Clinton doing that makes him world class at connecting with an audience. There were a lot of lessons that leaders can use to connect with their people. Here are seven of them:

Via Anne Leong, Prof. Hankell, David Hain
Miklos Szilagyi's insight:

Good... like it...:-))) the role of the (smart) guy next-door...:-)))

Prof. Hankell's curator insight, December 18, 2014 9:29 AM

President Clinton would be an awesome contestant on Jeopardy. No matter what topic came up in the Q&A, Clinton had an informed point of view backed up with stats and specifics. People are much more likely to listen to and connect with leaders who are well informed...

Rescooped by Miklos Szilagyi from MentalBusiness!

Should Leaders Focus on Results, or on People?

Should Leaders Focus on Results, or on People? | Business Coaching |

A lot of ink has been spilled on people’s opinions of what makes for a great leader. As a scientist, I like to turn to the data.  In 2009, James Zenger published a fascinating survey of 60,000 employees to identify how different characteristics of a leader combine to affect employee perceptions of whether the boss is a “great” leader or not. Two of the characteristics that Zenger examined were results focus and social skills. Results focus combines strong analytical skills with an intense motivation to move forward and solve problems.  But if a leader was seen as being very strong on results focus, the chance of that leader being seen as a great leader was only 14%. Social skills combine attributes like communication and empathy. If a leader was strong on social skills, he or she was seen as a great leader even less of the time — a paltry 12%. However, for leaders who were strong in both results focus and in social skills, the likelihood of being seen as a great leader skyrocketed to 72%.....

Via Thomas Menk
Miklos Szilagyi's insight:


Researched over a relatively broad set of data, it emphasizes what we rather  know... but good to hear...:-))) And helps a little bit more why we are operating in the way, we opearating...


Surprize, surprize, the answer to the title-question a  bit simplifed: on both... the problem is that you can not use them simultaneously, neuroscientists (he is one of them) say that they exclusively "push out" each other when activated... sort of a seesaw pattern how we use them...  this blog says - surprize, surprize - that the social skill is to (...and can) be developed...


What is the result?  e.g.: pay more attention to socal skills at hiring and promotions... really... great... we are just writing tons of things and we are just there...  but heads up, will we see the dawn...:-)))

Emeric Nectoux's curator insight, December 30, 2013 1:11 PM

Very interesting analysis of leaders' skills and leverage. One of the most interesting figures: Less than 1% of leaders are rated high on both goal focus and social skills...